Located 40 km from the city of Volos, ''drowned'' by olive trees with the beautiful main square and mansions is Argalasti. Main attractions of Argalasti are The Girls' School where the great poet Kostas Varnalis taught, the church of the Holy Apostles (1886) with marble neoclassical bell tower of 45 meters height (1914), the monastery of St Nicolaos of Paou (1732) located 2km away from Argalasti and the arched stone bridge at the entrance of the village. Also, you will find cafe-bars, taverns, beautiful guesthouses , hotels and rooms to let.
Nearby beaches:
At Pagasiticos gulf: Paou, Kalamos.
At Aegean sea: Paltsi, Potistika, Melani.

south pilio argalasti

Argalasti | image Flickr CC


Milina - Chorto
Village Milina is located at the ancient area Olizon (mentioned by Homer) which is a destination for many visitors each year. Milina is known for its beautiful sunsets and its beautiful beaches. Opposite of the village lies island Alatas that worth a visit to the monastery of Agioi Saranta and island Prasouda. A few meters away from the village you will find an organized camping. Also, within 3km is village Chorto, a seaside village with cafes, bars, taverns, restaurants, accommondation options and facilities for water sports. Hotels and rooms to let in Milina.
Beaches near Milina: Chorto, Agios Andreas, Mavri Petra.

pilio horto 

Lafkos - Promyri
Lafkos is one of the most beautiful villages of southern Pelion with cobbled streets, the main square with plane trees and the endless view to Milina and to the Pagasitic gulf. Historically it seems that Lafkos with its fighters, contributed considerably in the fights of the release of Pelion from the Turks. Main attractions of the village are the three-aisle basilica dedicated to the Nativity of the Virgin, Fabio museum and Radio museum housed in the old elementary school. Village Promyri is located within walking distance of Lafkos. You will find stone houses and cobbled streets in Promyri too. You must see the roofed monument Trani Vrisi built in 1796. Hotels and rooms to let in Lafkos.
Beaches from Promyri to Aegean coast: Mourtias, Lyri, Theotokos, Katigiorgis.

pelio milina from lafkos

Panoramic views to Milina and Pagasiticos gulf from Lafkos | image Flickr CC

Katigiorgis is located 60 km from Volos, across the west coast of Skiathos and is one of the classic destinations of Pelion for fresh fish by the sea. It is a small fishing village with small boats in the small harbor. Do not miss the opportunity to take a walk in the port of Katigiorgis or to wander in Vlachorema on the south side of the village in a wonderful environment full of pine trees. Nearby is Platanias, which is mentioned below. Nearby beaches at Katigiorgis are the beach of Agios Konstantinos and Vromoneri. Nearby villages Promiri, Platanias and Lafkos a little further.
It is one of the most beautiful fishing villages of Pelion, where the blue of the sea and the green of the mountain coexist harmoniously and the tourist development is constantly growing. Also, many visitors of Katigiorgis use the sea taxi that goes to Skiathos. The distance of Katigiorgis - Koukounaries Skiathos is just 15 minutes away and it is a great opportunity for those who are in eastern Pelion (Horefto, Agios Ioannis, Tsagarada, Mouresi) to easily find themselves in Skiathos for a one day trip at a very low cost.

Platanias is a charming seaside village with taverns by the sea. Find some time, and walk around the village and admire the houses build along the beach and in small hills. Enjoy a swim in the beach and taste seafood at one of the nearby taverns. After your walk, you can discover the nearby picturesque villages, or the nearby beaches through the touring boats that are based there.
In a small beach, east of Platanias is the cave of Thetis and Peleus, where according to mythology, consummation took place and Achilles was born. The cave is accessible only through sea. Also, you can take a water taxi from Katigiorgis and you will arrive in Skiathos in 15 minutes as mentioned. You will find an organized camping in Platanias with musical events and shady areas (the second organized camping is near Kastri beach with shade of olive trees). Hotels and rooms to let in Platanias.
Nearby beaches: Kastri, Mikro.

south pelio katigiorgis port

Katigiorgis Port | Image Flickr CC

Our reference will not miss the most photographed, by professional and non-professional, gulf of Tzasteni. This liitle gulf creates one of the most picturesque beaches in Greece with colors taken out of a painting. Houses are mirrored in the waters of Pagasiticos creating an idyllic picture.

pilio tzasteni 


Trikeri - Agia Kiriaki
Trikeri is the famous traditional village with its rich tradition. Trikeri was an important naval center in the 18th century and the homeland of famous sponge harvesters. It has island characteristics with beautiful mansions of captains with incredible views to the sea. Visit the church of Holy Trinity (1739) anf find the throne of Napoleon, the Maritime Museum in Koutmani mansion and the monastery of the Virgin  Annunciation with the 100 cells in Old Trikeri. Agia Kyriaki is a picturesque fishing village located just a few minutes away from Trikeri. Try fresh seafood at the taverns in Agia Kiriaki and in island Old Trikeri. To access Old Trikeri head to port of Alogoporos and take a water taxi or else if you call a water taxi to take you from Agia Kiriaki to Old Trikeri it costs at about 50euro. Hotels and rooms to let in Trikeri.

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