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  • Agios Vlasios
  • Agria (seaside village)
  • Agios Georgios
  • Agios Lavrentios
  • Ano Gatzea
  • Kato Gatzea (seaside village)
  • Afissos (seaside village)
  • Afetes
  • Vizitsa
  • Kala Nera (seaside village)
  • Koropi (seaside village)
  • Lechonia
  • Milies
  • Pinakates
  • Neochori

Just a few minutes from Volos is Agria, a seaside village with lots of taverns by the sea, many of them serve fresh seafood. As you follow the road you will find village Platanidia with the ruined tower of Olympian and Neoclassical Kontos, village Malaki with impressive cave with the internal river that surrounds it, traditional villages Milies-Vizitsa-Pinakates and other villages of central Pelion such as the seaside village Kato Gatzea and the awarded with the blue flag beach Kala Nera. You will find a wide beach with plenty of room as several taverns to eat next to the sea at Kala Nera.

The scenery you will find in central Pelion is different from the rest of Pelion. The altitude is lower, the olives are the dominant trees and strawberry trees are everywhere. Beautiful villages and small villages, lovely beaches just minutes from the city of Volos and the Pelion nature with olive trees cover the surrounding hills of central Pelion.

kentriko pilio afissos sunset

Milies been an important center of culture and literature. The 1821 revolution of Pelion began from Milies and spearheaded the Miliotis Anthimos Gazi. Today Milies one of the most authentic villages of Pelion is creative refuge of many men of letters and art. The village of Milies is known to many visitors since it is the route terminal which makes the train of Pelion which begins Kato Lechonia.

A few kilometers further is Vizitsa, another village in central Pelion, full of nobility, deep culture, history and wisdom. A beautiful village in harmony with nature with centuries-old mansions that stand imposingly, giving a unique dimension in space.

The intense traditional color of the village is mainly due to northern Greek old mansions. The picturesque square is dominated by the Basilica of St. Demetrius and a marble neoclassical fountain of 1894.

Agios Lavrentios
From Kato Lechonia turn left and ascend after about 14 km we arrive in the stone village of Agios Lvrentios located at 600 meters above sea level. In Chatzini square leave your car and from there start walking!
Across the Agios Lavrentios you will see everywhere streets in all neighborhoods. In Central Square is the Cathedral of St. Demetrius with elaborate wood. Inside the village are the churches of Ag. Athanasios and St.. Apostolos. To get a true idea of ​​the architectural character of Agios Lavrentios and to distinguish the different phases, but also the diverse influences conceded Pelion house forever, look for the renovated mansion of Manthos.

Neochori is located 30 kilometers away from Volos with panoramic views to Pagasiticos gulf and to Aegean sea. If you visit Neochori it is worth a walk in the picturesque streets of Neochori to admire the Pelion's architectural masterpieces, many stone-built buildings that have been renovated, the church of Agios Dimitrios (1760) and the delicious food in the village square served by the village tavern. The village square is also a beautiful sunset spot.

milies pelion


Sightseeing in the villages of central Pelion

Agria will find the museum of EPSA at the company's factory in the interior will experience the history of EPSA beverages and poth machines used for the production of soft drinks. You will also see the full range of products such as EPSA and collectible packaging and five awards has gotten the company. Accessible in consultation with the secretariat tel. 24280 91901.

Ano Gatzea
Olive and Oil Museum
The museum is located in the railway station square in a building of 1924. Inside you will see the tools used for the production of oil, tools such chan (large wooden containers in a truncated cone shape), hoes, saws, etc. Sprinklers. The museum is divided on two levels, the first will see the process of collecting, sorting and marketing of olives and on the second level with regard to the storage of oil on chan.

The train station of Milies is the terminal of Moutzouri made since 1903. Also after the main square Local Museum Milies with elements of folk art, traditional crafts and a copy of the Greek flag of the 1821 revolution (http: //www.miliesmuseum .gr). In the central square of Milies and a beautiful mansion houses the library Miles' Soul Akos' '(' Soul Healing ') to find 3,500 books and maps from the period of the revolution of 1821. In Drakeia will find the Folklore Museum and Rural Heritage with data from rural and cultural life of Drakia. Other sights of the village is the church of the Archangels, St. Nicholas and the grave of Gregory Konstantas.

In the central square of Vizitsa you will find the fountain '' Mousga '', one stop for cool water here at this point epiveletai under the trees of the square, as the mansions of Vyzitsa architecture is much to notice. Even the parking lot will see the church of Zoodochos Pigi, built in 1725.

In the other villages of the central Pelion you will find the following attractions: The monastery at the entrance of the village of Agios Lavrentios, the church of Saint Vlasios built in 1820 in the village of Agios Vlasios, Monastery Archangels and the church of St. George in the village of Agios Georgios and church of St. Demetrius and the fountain in the central square of Pinakates village built from 1894.

Hotels in Milies and Vizitsa

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