The natural landscape of Thessaly consists of the vast plain, lakes, high mountains, the unique beauty of Meteora Rocks and the picturesque Northern Sporades islands. The area offers many excursion opportunities for nature lovers and researchers.

There are 14 mountains, including Olympus mountain, worldwide know  for its natural beauty as well as for its connection to the 12 Gods of ancient Greece/ It is the tallest mountain of Greece, while its peak, Mytikas reaches 2,918 meters. It also is the first national park of Greece. Olympus mountain is protected as a national park  for its wild flora and fauna, in order to preserve the natural landscape, since 1938.

Since then it has been declared by UNESCO (1981) as a ''Preserve ecosystem for the global biosphere", and it was included by the European community in the "Important Bird Areas" list. It is registered in the NATURA 2000 list as a "special protection area" and as a " Site of Community interest ".

Towards to Olympus rises Ossa,  aka Kissavos,  with an altitude of  1.978m (Prophet Elijah peak). Pinios river seperates the two mountains, flowing from Pindos Mountains and forms the beautiful valley of Tempi, ending in the Aegean Sea.

A typical landscape of Thessaly is Pelion, the mountain of the Centaurs (1.624m altitude) , covered by beech, oak, chestnut and pine trees forests. Picturesque villages are part of Pelion's landscape, known for their pure organic local products and the hospitality offered to visitors.

The plateu region of Nevropolis hosts Tavropos Lake, aka Lake Plastiras, and, even though the lake is a human creation, nature has embraced it in such a way that has created a gem of natural beauty. The lake was created in 1960 and covers an area of ​​24 Visitors from Greece and abroad arrive during the whole year, not only for its natural beauty but also for the agricultural activities that take place.

Nominated as one of the cleanest areas in the world, Agrafa is located in the Pindos Mountains and covers the southern part of Karditsa prefecture. The highest peak, with an altitude of 2.184m, is Karava. Agrafa is considered as a major attraction for climbers and hikers from all over the country.

A part of South Pindos is Koziakas mountain, and its peak is Astrapi aka Hatzipetrou with an altitude of 1.901m. Koziakas mountain has very dense flora and higher areas are covered by fir forests which form a breathtaking landscape, especially during winter.

Between Koziakas and Antichasia mountains visitors can find the majestic Meteora Rocks that reach 400m height. Meteora Rocks  is a geological phenomenon, a present of the nature to human kind, which is unique in the world, classified by UNESCO as world cultural heritage. The face of the cliffs in awe and causes admiration for the grandeur of nature to any visitor.

The Thessalian landscape is completed by Sporades islands. The main islands are Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos. In Alonissos there is the first sea park in the country which is also the largest protected sea area of Europe, covering  ​​2,220 square kilometers approximately,  and  it includes Alonissos,  6 smaller islands and 22 islets. In the park resides a significant number of one of the most rare species, Monachus Monachus seals.

Furthermore, the green reefs cover almost 80% of the surface of a dense forest and that's why it is considered the most "green" island of the Aegean Sea. Skiathos is the smallest island of Sporades, and it is famous for its beautiful and clean beaches.

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