The imposing and beautiful bridge of Palaiokarya, with its two artificial waterfalls, stands there since the 16th century. It is a stone arched bridge with a length of 26 meters. The waterfall behind the bridge is 12 meters high and the water that falls creates a magnificent, awe-inspiring image. The river, passing through this point, is Palaiokaritis and if we continue our route we reach the canyon of Palaiokarya. At this point, we can see a still active watermill and one “dristela” which was the place where women used to wash all the clothes, the carpets etc.

Palaiokarya’s bridge connected Thessaly to Epirus and was a bustling route of that time. Of course, it’s no longer used. We would say, though, that constitutes a monument from the past, perfectly harmonized with the natural scenery around it. The bridge is surrounded by steep high rocks with some low vegetation and trees. In front of the bridge there is a wide open space which is offered for a short stay in the area. Several families and nature lovers choose the site for their spring excursions in nature or even for their outdoor dining!

koziakas palaiokaria bridge elati

To visit the stone bridge you must follow the route from Pyli Trikalon to Stournareika. Before you reach Stournareika village, after the turn you see a sign for Ropotos village, you continue straight. After a few meters you will encounter the signs for “Ano  Palaiokarya”, “Mesi Palaiokarya” and “Palaiokarya”. You follow those signs’ direction and after you meet, at your way, a small bridge with a sign for Palaiokarya’s bridge, you turn left on a dirt road. After 100 meters you’re there, at the stone bridge of Palaiokarya.
On the site of the bridge there are no shops for supplies, so it is advisable to equip yourselves, in advance, the necessary for your trip. You can, also, choose to dine in one of the taverns or grills located within a short distance in a village after the bridge, in the canyon of Palaiokarya.

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Also, near the bridge is located the village Ropoto, a greek small village tha is sinking. Read more at our detailed artcile about Ropoto.

palaiokarya bridge elati pili pertouli

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