The Mill of Pappas is a five-storey milling industry building constructed in 1883 and is located on Georgiadou Street next to the intercity bus station and close to the Fort in the city of Larissa. It is one of the most distinctive buildings in

Thessaly and even though the two disasters that has suffered in 1920 and 2001, with the last one destroying precious wooden machines, today is restored and ready to convert into another kind of building with a cultural, educational and entertaining character. In that building will be held many events such as book presentations and all kinds of seminars inside the modulated library. Also, the creation of the Municipal Council of Etiquette hall will facilitate and host the official welcoming ceremonies of, mainly, foreign delegations.

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The Mill of Pappas began as a steam mill but later, with the passage of the years, it modernized and became an industrial roller mill producing great quantities of flour from durum wheat to produce pasta, during its heyday from 1927 to 1983 where it stopped functioning.

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Nowadays, the courtyard around the basic and the auxiliary buildings has been formed with brownstone. The secondary buildings are hosting the Municipal Regional Theatre of Larissa - Thessaly Theatre, the Puppet Theatre "Tiritompa'', the doll museum, the Municipal Ballet School, the offices of the Philharmonic, the only open air cinema in the city and the music scene "Mylos 1929''.

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