The Fort of Trikala has built in the 6th century AD by Justinian I, and it is located where the acropolis of ancient Trikke was. Several parts of the fort were destroyed over the centuries, so the current form is the result of several repairs and reconstructions. The first disaster was the fall of Trikala by

the Ottomans, but they had to repair and maintain those parts of the fort that had collapsed and that due to its excellent strategic location of the building. Many repairs had been at the fort after Thessalians revolutions (1854 and 1878).

In the 17th century the Turks built a second tower with a big clock and a bell weighing 650 kg. In the same place a new clock will be built in 1936 with a bell weighing 1000 kg at a height of 33 meters. The clock is until today a monument and symbol of the city of Trikala. The area is accessible all year. There are stairs inside the tower and you find yourself under the clock in order to admire the view.

trikala clocktower2

trikala clocktower3

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