Dromos ravine is very close to the road after Kofous, Mount Othrys. Its depth is about -25 meters. Downhill can be divided into two parts. Initially the descent is at 15 meters, where light still enters the cave. Then there is a change, crossing and 10meters downhill in a darker environment. At the bottom there is a crew cone.

On the left side there is a small and narrow arcade that leads to a beautiful pond. On the right track, after carefully descending on a 3-meter-long path, we enter a large chamber and a ceiling of about 15 meters. From this, three small arcades with enough decoration begin. One has a hole in the wall to the roof. The floor is level and muddy. The ravine was explored by members of Proteus and Chironas on 01/05/2017. See all caves in Thessaly.

dromou othrys05


dromou othrys04

dromou othrys02

η συνέχεια με την αλλαγή,την τραβέρσα και την τελικά κατάβαση στα δεξιά

dromou othrys07

η μικρή στοά στα αριστερά

dromou othrys08

μέρος του θαλάμου

dromou othrys01

η είσοδος για το μεγάλο θάλαμο

dromou othrys09

η εντυπωσιακή κολόνα

dromou othrys10

dromou othrys13

dromou othrys16

στο τέλος του διαδρόμου

dromou othrys06

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