Mpei's cave is located in Koziakas at 1220meters altitude, in a particular geological area. This sink that drains the waters of a basin of the mountain, which eroded limestone and they found the exit on the east side of the slope. With the elevation and plenty of water formed an impressive dimensional conductor with two entrances. The light coming through the large windows of about 15 meters and there is a strong air stream in the main duct.

spilia mpei koziakas09Right of the main duct are two more ducts. The first encounter with length of about 100 meters, gradually narrows and leads to a chamber dug by human hand flooring and impressive decoration on the walls. The second, which is near the east entrance continues for about 60 meters and stops at the wall and there is a loft from which comes another pipeline with possible follow. The cave is a complex system of pipes and discontinuities in the water has done a lot of work.


The ceiling height generally ranges between 10 and 15 meters, while the main conduit large boulders rocks detached from the ceiling so the water is lost at points below them. At the entrance to form a waterfall seven measures depending on the season of the amount fluctuates. In descending rocks that are at the entrance is slippery and better is to make use of the rope. On and joints are some bats and guano.
The cave was explored on 03.27.2016 by members of Proteus and enough water.
Access is from Elati or by the Costas position on the road go to channels with very good signaling. Part of the route wikiloc.

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