More than 100 caves are in the prefecture of Karditsa showing great interest in the 'Speleology Mountaineering and Community' 'which is a voluntary team the have created a database with their data.

Cave Gaki
Located near the village of Karitsa  at Plastiras Lake is said that he used the Thimios Gakis as hiding after the abduction of noblewoman Vasilos. It has rich decor and a large number of bats. To get to the cave requires 3-4 hours hiking. At the end of the cave there siphon with water that has been explored very little.
horizontal Cave
Total length of routes: 190meters

Cave Kaimakias
It is the largest explored cave of Karditsa with luxurious interiors, two levels and river flows Karitsiotis inside.
Length upper level: 220meters
Length lower level: 220meters
Overall length: 470meters
Longitude: 39 ° 16 '40.8498 "
Longitude: 21 ° 39 '8.7192 "

Cave Aetofolia
Located in St. Akaki. This is a horizontal cave with a length of about 100 meters.

Other known caves of the prefecture are: Katafylli and Kotroni the Acheloos municipality of Lamia and Katsaros community Athamanes the Palaiolaka and Cave Patipa in Argithea municipality Aetofolia and Splitsa in Ithomis municipality, Snow White and the cliffs on municipality Itamos the Dafnospilia and Castle in euphonious municipality cave Makos in Menelaidas municipality, the Cold Fountain in Metropolitan municipality, the Drakotrypa and the cave of Arapi in Mouzaki municipality, the DRAKAKI and Asterios in Palama municipality, the Limeri and Kalogerogianni of the municipality Plastiras t a cave of the Patriarch Kakouka at Rentina municipality and Katachloros and the Lycée in Tamasiou municipality.

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