Bezesteni on the Fortress Hill
The word comes from the Arabic word '' bez '' meaning cloth, '' bezzaz '' means a textile merchant, it was a 15th-century covered market selling textiles, jewelery but also used as a place to store valuable items of the rich. Nowadays it is preserved in the square of the Fortress of Larissa, which is a meeting place for young people, the two of its three gates are closed but kept in good condition over its roof, which had six domes and supposedly collapsed in the great earthquake of 1781. Some Tens of meters east of Bezesteni lies the Early Christian Bath and the Middle Byzantine Temple within Lambrouli Square.


Ancient theater A.
Located on the southern side of Fortress Hill, it is adjacent to the busy pedestrian street of Venizelos Street near the main square of the city. It was built at the end of the 3rd century BC, during the Early Hellenistic years and was oriented towards the ancient city market, it is one of the most important and greatest theaters of the period with a capacity of 10,000 spectators. It was used for the performance of theatrical plays, for the assemblies of the Thessalian public and later as the arena. His excavations continue until today with support work on the stands. Read more at our article about A' Ancient Theater in Larissa

Ancient Theater B.
It was also used during the Roman period quite close to the 1st Theater. Two marble rows of seats are preserved and the large part of the stage is used for some performances.

Bathrooms in Blana Square
They are the first public baths and date back to the 5th century AD. Beyond the baths there is also a part of the eastern fortification of the city from the Early Christian period. The findings of the People's Square are said to be related to the ancient Fortress, the Generos Mosque, and the Hamam in Venizelos Street.

The vaulted tomb in Farsala.
Farsala is a small city at about 40kilometers away from Larissa. The tomb was built at the end of the 6th century BC. and a built enclosure of the tumulus is preserved. Below the vaulted tomb, a Mycenaean chamber tomb was found.

Castle of Velika.
Velika is a seaside settlement at the coast of Larissa Prefecture where the famous beaches of Larissa are. Fortifications of 21 acres located to the north of the settlement of Velika, offering oversight to the coastal settlements. Its walls are 2 meters thick and the height at some points 3 meters. The castle of Velika is a great location to watch the full moon at the 15th of August.

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