Sights in Skopelos Town

- Folklore Museum
Located at Skopelos town with traditional clothes, pictures and handmade small ships. Ticket costs 3 euros.

- History Museum
The history museum is at the house of Pavlos Nirvanas (his real name was Petros Apostolides).

- Center of Photography
The center of Photography is located at Skopelos Town and organises various exhibitions and the Photography Festival every year.

- Venetian Castle (13th century)
Located  at the highest point of Skopelos Town.

- Vakratsa's Residence
It's a building of the 18th century located in Skopelos town and it is used as a museum with traditional clothes and objects of the everyday life of the locals.

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Sights in village Glossa (or near Glossa)

- Museum of Cultural Inheritance
Located in Glossa and inside the museum you will see objects of the every day life of the local people of Skopelos.

- Agios Ioannis Chapel
At the northern side of the island the famous chapel of Agios Ioannis where Mama-Mia movie was filmed. Everyone has seen this chapel from many pictures around the web.

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Sights in various areas

- Gourouni Lighthouse
It is one of the oldest lighthouses in Greece located at the north side of the island, just 10km from village Glossa. Its height is 18 meters and was built in 1889. Be careful there are many snakes around the lighthouse.

sights skopelos lighthouse

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- Stafilos

Next to the beach of Stafilos you will see the walls.

- Drakoschisma rock
There's a legend says that a big dragon killed all the residents of the island 800 years ago. Saint Riginos went on the island and the dragon was afraind of him so he jumped into the sea from that rock.

sights skopelos drakontosxisma

image FlickrCC Son of Groucho

- Archaeological Site of Sentoukia
''Sentoukia'' are graves of the kings and pirates from the Roman period. Access to the graves by path, duration 1 hour.

- Palaiokastro
Palaiokastro is an ancient area in Panormos. If you visit the area you will see the ancient walls. Also, it's the starting point of a beautiful hiking route going to Cave of Pan. Pan was the protector of farmers and was the god that symbolized the power of birth and nature.

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