Old Alonissos
After the great earthquake of 1965 the Old Alonissos was abandoned by its inhabitants but over the years many people started rebuilding their houses and so the village reverted back to life. The attractions are quite many so make sure you have enough time to explore them. As you ascend you will see the church of Christ beside the small square with the two cafes.
At the same point, and almost opposite of it, is the church of Saint Athanasios of the 17th-18th century, a single-cell type church with a wooden basilica roof and a semicircular dome. Continuing your walk on the pedestrian Street after the church of Christ you'll find yourselves at the entrance of the castle. There you will see a traditional house which is small Folk Museum, built during the Venetian period. At the edge of the village is the old Primary School a donation by Andreas Syngros, which constitutes the largest neo-classical building of the island. Next to the Cathedral of the Annunciation (18th century) you will see the old well from where the village women used to carry water to their homes. Finally, other churches you can admire are the Agios Dimitrios and Agios Georgios churches.

National Marine Park of Alonissos (The largest Marine Park in Europe)
This is one particularly important area consisting of two zones. The flora and fauna of the park are rich with many species of fish, birds, reptiles and mammals. The Mediterranean seal, the red coral, the mavropetritis bird, the aigaioglaros bird, the shag and the ibex of Gioura are some of the characteristical  species living in the area. Read more about the Marine Park here.

Christ's church
A characteristic building due to its architecture. You are going to find it as you ascend in the pedestrian zone of the Old Alonissos, as mentioned above. It is an one-room temple without columns of the 17th century.

sights alonissos church of christ

The museum of Alonissos
The museum of Alonissos or else the Pirate Museum, as many people in the island call it, is housed in a four-storey stone building and exhibits a rich collection of objects from pirate ships and objects of the island. We visited and present it in detail here.

sights alonissos pirate museum

The Castle
It's positioned in the Old Alonissos and offers a great view and beautiful sunsets. Do not miss the opportunity to wander around the narrow streets of the Castle. Inside the castle you will also see the church of St. George from the 16th century, a single-cell basilica type of church, which is believed to be the oldest church still existing on the island. Finally at the edge of the fence you will see Lisva, the place from where the residents fled when pirates raided the island.

Blue Cave
Also called Papanikolis cave because the submarine Papanikolis found shelter there during the war. The cave is almost across from Cape Paliofanaro of the island of Peristera.

Beyond the beach you'll see the fenced area with pieces of pottery. That is where the name of the beach came from. (tsoukalia=pottery bowls)

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