Late June - Skopelos Music Festival taking place from 2012. A five day festival with various music genres of pop, folk, classical etc.
July - International Youth Film Festival
24th of July - celebration in honour of Agios Ioannis Prodromos
July - Photography Festival with excibitions with different theme every year.
August - Loizeia in honour of great Greek composer Manos Loizos with concerts, theatricla shows and folklore dances.
August - according to the tradition one man with 1-2 musicians have to sing at his girl to express his love, in greek this called ''kantada''. This tradition takes place in Glossa and Klima.
6th of August - Fisherman's Evening with lots of fresh fish and wine been offered at the visitors at the beach of Loutraki.
11th of August - Squid's evening , where squids and wine are offered to visitors
15th of August - celebration of Virgin Mary

August - Skopelos Dance festival
Mid September - Wine Festival In Glossa
September - Poetry competition taking place from 2012.
October - a 2 day wine festival named ''StafiloFest'' taking place in Glossa with wine competition, making Moustaleyria and live music.

skopelos easter

Easter on Skopelos | image Flickr CC J Karakatsanis

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