This great event takes place every year on the lake, giving athletes from all over the world the chance to experience the three XTERRA sports.

Wine Festival Mesenicola
This event will not be missed in the village of Messenikola, in the village with a rich tradition of red wine, an event that has been held for about 50 years. If it is on the lake on the 15th of August it is worth a visit to the village of Mesenikolas to taste the local wines with local appetizers.

Organized each year during August 1-15, including theater performances, concerts, cycling, fishing, etc.

Lakes Festival
The Lake Festival lasts two months in the two fountains and Smokovos lakes, during which time there are events such as concerts and lectures by prominent musicians, theatrical performances and concerts in Kerasia.

Swimming pool of Plastiras Lake
The crossing of the lake, a distance of 4 km, involving Greek and foreign athletes, is the starting point for Pezoulas Beach and a finish on Lampero Beach. More at On the previous day of the race, the small race of 500 meters for children under 16 years of age is organized.

Feast of Pie in the village of Kanalia
It is organized in the central square of the village on the day of the Holy Spirit where the women of the village cook pies for the guests.

Feast of Kastanos of the Hellenic tower
It is organized in the two squares of the village in October offering visitors chestnuts, goat with groats, wine etc

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