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How to get to Thessaly

How you will get to Thessally!

From Athens

If you travel with your own vihicle you will take the highway E75 or you can take the bus from Liosion Intercity Bus Station, the bus can take you directly to any of the four cities of Thessaly. The journey time varies from three and a half hours to four and a half. You can also travel by train. The train will take you straight to Larissa and from there if you want you can choose a correspondence to another destination.

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From Thessaloniki

Same from Thessaloniki you can take the highway or the Intercity Bus to any city of Thessaly or again you can travel by train. Thessaloniki is closer to Thessaly by one to two hours. Choosing to travel by train you will get to Larissa and if you want to reach another city you can take one of the correspondences.

N. Anchialos Airport

If you come from abroad you can land directly to Thessaly at N. Anchialos Airport. The airport is 15 mins away from Volos.

Travelling inside Thessaly!

All cities in Thessaly are connected with railway and inetcity bus. Intercity bus has also rootes leading to villages and archaelogical sites. The train will take you to Larissa, Volos, Trikala, Karditsa and Meteora.

National Railway

Intercity Bus of Larissa

Intercity Bus of Volos

Intercity Bus of Trikala

Intercity Bus of Karditsa

Road Map