Sunday, April 14, 2024
tsagarada petrino gefyri

Stone bridge in Tsagarada

The stone bridge of Tsagarada is located just before the entrance of the Tsagarada. You will see a sign that leads you to the path to the bridge. Year: 1787 Length: 18 meters Height: 6.5...

gefyri trizolou

Stone bridge of Trizolos in Karia

The biggest stone bridge in Thessaly located in Karia. Το πέτρινο τοξωτό γεφύρι του Τριζώλου γνωστό και ως «Καμάρα» σώζεται σε καλή κατάσταση και βρίσκεται 3χλμ. από τη σημερινή γέφυρα της Αγορασιάς του χωριού Καρυά...

pili trikalon gefiri

Stone bridge in Pyli

The stone bridge is located about two kilometers west of the village Pyli and about 20 minutes away from Trikala. Beneath it flows Portaikos River and until 1936 this bridge was the only passage from...

koziakas palaiokaria bridge elati

Palaiokarya’s stone bridge

The imposing and beautiful bridge of Palaiokarya, with its two artificial waterfalls, stands there since the 16th century. It is a stone arched bridge with a length of 26 meters. The waterfall behind the bridge...