Sunday, September 24, 2023
μουσειο ελιας

Oil Museum In Kato Gatzea

In Ano Gatzea, is the Olive & Oil museum hosted at the ground floor of a stone house belonging to Ioannis Vogiatzis located at the railway station square. It is a building built in 1924...

mouseio papadiamanti skiathos aksiotheata

The Papadiamanti’s Museum in Skiathos

The Papadiamanti’s museum in Skiathos is actually the last residence of Alexander Papadiamantis. This house was built by his father, priest Adamantios Emmanouel, in 1860, where the famous writer, at the age of 9 years...

trikala clocktower2

Trikala Fort

The Fort of Trikala has built in the 6th century AD by Justinian I, and it is located where the acropolis of ancient Trikke was. Several parts of the fort were destroyed over the centuries,...

αλοννησος μουσειο πειρατικο

Alonissos Museum

The Alonissos Museum, founded in 2000 by Kostas and Angela Mavrikis, is the largest privately owned museum on any Greek island. In this four-storey building, located at a distance of only 30 meter from the...

τρικαλα μουσεια

Museums in Trikala

You will find the following museums in Trikala. Archaeological collection of Triki The Archaeological Collection Triki exposes statues, coins and sculptures from the Neolithic period up to the post-Byzantine period. Ticket : - Ωράριο Λειτουργίας...

βολος μουσεια

Museums in Volos

Athanasakion Archeological Museum   Tsalapata Museum Entrance :  3 euro , Μειωμένο 1,5 euro Winter Working Hours : 10:00 – 17:00

Museums in Karditsa

Archeological Museum Of Karditsa Entrance : 3 euro , 2 euro Working Hours : Tuesday – Sunday 08:00 – 15:00 Address : Lahana 1 and Tzavella

λαρισα μουσεια

Museums in Larissa

1) Archaelogical Museum The archelogical museim in Larissa is located at the only tzami that is built till nowdays. Entrance : - Winter Working Hours : Monday – Sunday 08:30 – 15:00