Sunday, September 24, 2023
λουτρα πλατεια λαου

Public baths | Laou Square

They are the first public baths and date back to the 5th century AD. Beyond the baths is a part of the eastern fortifications of the city from the early Christian period. The findings of...

βασιλικη αγιου αχιλλειου

The Basilica of St Achilles

The Basilica of Agios Achilleios is also located on the hill of the fortress south of Bezesteni. During the excavations for the landscaping of the site in 1978, the findings of the temple came to...

καστρο βελικας

Castle of Melivoia

This castle dates back to excavations at the time of Justinian but is built on the ruins of an ancient fortification, which can be seen in several places. The location can be identified with the...

Το κίνημα του Κιλελέρ και ο Μαρίνος Αντύπας

Pelinnaio in Trikala

Pelinneus, the home of Hippocleus, who is Pindar's son in his tenth Pithonikos, was identified from the time of Leake with the ancient relics at Paleogardiki, north of the current community of Petroporos of Trikala....

Το κίνημα του Κιλελέρ και ο Μαρίνος Αντύπας

Asklipio of Trikala

The ancient city of Trikke, an important city of the Thessalian quadraty of Estiaotida, stretched between the river Lethaios, which still crosses today's modern city, and on the hill "Kastro", where the ancient acropolis was...

larissa milos pappa

Mill of Pappas

The Mill of Pappas is a five-storey milling industry building constructed in 1883 and is located on Georgiadou Street next to the intercity bus station and close to the Fort in the city of Larissa....

little train of pelion moutzouris pelion sights

The Little Train Of Pelion

The train route Volos - Milies, the Legendary Steam-powered ''Moutzouris'' is moving to the narrower tracks of Europe in 60 inches width and this make it unique in the world. Named ''Moutzouris'' because it was...

fanari kastro castle

Fanari Castle

Fanari is a picturesque village of Karditsa. The Byzantine Castle of Fanari built in the 13th century in a defensive position of great importance and the passage of Trikala for Arta, the castle served both...