Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Mpatzina (pumpkin pie)

Mpatzina is a traditional Thessalian pie without sheet. It's delicious, simple and delicate cake that does not require many materials and preparation time. easily eaten all day and as an accompaniment to other dishes.

Crayfish Spaghetti from South Pelion

The fishing villages of Pagasitikos in south Pelion is ideal to taste the local traditional crayfish spaghetti. The best known destinations for this dish is in Agia Kyriaki, in Trikeri, in settlement Kottes and finally...



Trachanas is a traditional product produced in many Greek villages. It is beneficial to our health and do good like soup in the organization's inability periods. It is cooked very quickly, it is tasty and...

Kapamas and Moppari

A special food that requires craftsmanship. This food was cooked at Christmas. Every family took care of killing a pig for the Christmas table.


One of the traditional sweets that are made in Thessaly is retseli or Reggello, a native of Asia Minor. Made with pumpkin and grape or grape syrup and flavor reminiscent of something sweet and jam...

Wine from Mesenikolas

The OPAP "Mesenikolas" is produced in the wine-growing zone between the villages of Moschato-Morfovouni-Messenikolas near the Plastira's Lake at the prefecture of Karditsa. The Mesenikola Municipal District is 700 meters tall "drowned" in the beautiful...


Greek coffee

In Greece we have two kinds of Greek coffees and we would say that one has the name and the other has grace. The first is the so-called "Greek" and the second and far more...

spetzofai piliou

Spetzofai from Pelion

Everyone has heard of the traditional delicious Pelion food called ''spetzofai''. Spetzofai is a dish usually served at the "middle" of the table and perfectly combines with wine and tsipouro. The word Spetzofai comes from...

Feta Cheese from Elassona

Feta is a product with Protected Designation and Origin (PDO) and is a key link in the food chain of the Greeks filling the tables of families with Greek salad, traditional pies and other hearty...


Halvas is about 400 years old, the classic halva with butter stands in Farsala and in many festivals organized throughout Thessaly. The secret of good halva is based on butter, a good butter will give...

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