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μηλιες πινακατες πηλιο

Central Pelion

Villages | Sights | Central Pelion Agios Vlasios Agria (seaside village) Agios Georgios Agios Lavrentios Ano Gatzea Kato Gatzea (seaside village) Afissos (seaside village) Afetes Vizitsa Kala Nera (seaside village) Koropi (seaside village) Lechonia Milies Pinakates...

νοτιο πηλιο

Southern Pelion

Argalasti Located 40 km from the city of Volos, ''drowned'' by olive trees with the beautiful main square and mansions is Argalasti. Main attractions of Argalasti are The Girls' School where the great poet Kostas...


Western Magnesia

Opposite of the magical Pelion is the unexplored western Magnesia. Sourpi - Almyros - Velestino - Stefanovikio - Anavra. Names that remind you of something ... Exits of the highway that you never followed! Those...

μαγνησια βολος χρησιμα τηλεφωνα

Info Prefecture of Magnesia

Municipaliti of Volos : Riga Fereou Square                                           Post Code 38334, Volos                                           Telephone : 24213 50171                                           Fax : 24213 50146                                           Website :

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Combining mountain and sea landscapes, the city of the Argonauts, Volos is the capital of Magnesia Prefecture and the second largest city of Thessaly. It is built near the site of ancient Iolkos and beside...