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Western Pelion

The beautiful natural landscape, cool springs , traditional mansions and quaint cobbled streets make village Portaria in western Pelion, one of the regions of Greece where visitors can find peace and tranquility in winter season...

μηλιες πινακατες πηλιο

Central Pelion

Villages | Sights | Central Pelion Agios Vlasios Agria (seaside village) Agios Georgios Agios Lavrentios Ano Gatzea Kato Gatzea (seaside village) Afissos (seaside village) Afetes Vizitsa Kala Nera (seaside village) Koropi (seaside village) Lechonia Milies Pinakates...

νοτιο πηλιο

Southern Pelion

Argalasti Located 40 km from the city of Volos, ''drowned'' by olive trees with the beautiful main square and mansions is Argalasti. Main attractions of Argalasti are The Girls' School where the great poet Kostas...



Karditsa is the youngest city of Thessaly and capital of Karditsa perfecture, and it is named like this because it is found in the heart of the thessalian plain. One of its features is the...


Western Magnesia

Opposite of the magical Pelion is the unexplored western Magnesia. Sourpi - Almyros - Velestino - Stefanovikio - Anavra. Names that remind you of something ... Exits of the highway that you never followed! Those...

λιμνη πλαστηρα

Plastira’s Lake

One of the most beautiful areas of Greece ideal for excursions throughout the year, is Plastira Lake just 25 km from Karditsa. Rolling mountains that descend to the lake shores, rivers, crystal-clear lake in the...

Rafting στον Ασπροπόταμο

En. community of Aspropotamos

The area of Aspropotamos at South Pindos holds a special place in the prefecture of Trikala and throughout Greece as one of the few areas that maintain the natural beauty of the landscape after the...

agrafa agiosnicolaosargithea


An area where few people have visited an area with rough road during the winter and beautiful scenery, an area steeped in history. A trip to Agrafa mountain is a adventourous trip. The Thessalian Agrafa...



Skopelos is the second largest island of Northern Sporades (95.8 with a population of 5.700 people. It's a typical greenblue island of Agean Sea in Greece, green because of its pine tree forests, and...



General Info Alonissos covers an area of ​​64.5, with a population of no more than 3,000 residents and is 62 nautical miles far from Volos Port. Alonissos was known in ancient times as Ikos....

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