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ditiki magnisia amaliapoli

Cruising in Pagasitikos gulf

Pteleus Entering the Pteleus bay, we have three bays to recite. Starting from the right we will find Pigadi bay with its small harbor. It is protected from all times and the anchorage keeps well....

notio pilio

Hiking in Southern Pelion

Beautiful Hiking Routes at Southern Pelion near the villages of Trikeri, Aghia Kiriaki, Lafkos, Milina etc. Routes in Trikeri area 1) Agia Kiriaki - Trikeri 2) Milos - Faros 3) Trikeri - Kottes 4) Trikeri...

διακοπες με σκαφος

Cruising in Alonissos

Port of AlonissosIn the winter, it suffers from NE, E, SE and N winds, while in the summer it is kept by all the winds, but due to the meltemia of the area and the...

Cruising in Skopelos

At the north-eastern part of Skopelos, a pleasure boat trip is very difficult when the WS winds blow. In general, the Sporades are affected by strong NW, making the visibility difficult and the waves of...

Cruising in Skiathos

It’s best to enter from the eastern entrance because from the West entrance you will come across with many passenger ships that may cause difficulties. It has been characterized by many as a replenishment station...

Hiking in Mporlero

Lake Plastiras Dam - Zygoyanneika - Portes - Bolero (K1)Length: 8057 mYps. Ascension: 1309 m.Yps. Depth: 657 mMax altitude: 2016 mMinimum altitude: 904 mTraxpoints: 778 - View the route on google maps

voutsikaki agrafa

Hiking in Voutsikaki

Neraida - shelter - Templa - VoutsikakiLength: 9651 mYps. Ascension: 1326 m.Yps. Depth: 302 mMax altitude: 2149 mMinimum altitude: 1125 mTrackpoints: 761

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