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αλοννησος ξενοδοχεια

Hotels in Alonissos

Alonissos hotels - Alonissos rooms - Accommodation in Alonissos There are over 100 hotels and rooms for rent in Alonissos with cheap prices whatever season you decide to visit the beautiful Alonissos. Most hotels and...

μακρυνιτσα ξενοδοχεια

Hotels in Portaria and Makrinitsa

Portaria and Makrinitsa are two of the most famous villages of western Pelion where they are filled with visitors many days of the year. Both of them are known for their Pelion architecture that have...

τσαγκαραδα ξενοδοχεια

Hotels in Tsagarada and Mouresi

Tsagarada and Mouresi, two villages in eastern Pelion just a few minutes apart in the nature of Pelion and with many options for your accommodation in hotels, hostels and mansions. And here the element of...

αγιος ιωαννης ξενοδοχεια

Hotels in Horefto and Agios Ioannis

Horefto and Agios Ioannis, two more of the most famous destinations in eastern Pelion with a variety of options for your entertainment and accommodation in the area. In both of these villages you will find...

μηλιες ξενοδοχεια

Hotels in Milies and Vyzitsa

Milies and Vyzitsa, two beautiful villages in central Pelion overlooking the waters of the Pagasitikos and many options for your accommodation in hotels and hostels in these two villages. Characteristic of the villages is the...

alonissos viles

Villas in Alonissos

Alonissos as we have analyzed in many of our articles is a quiet island drowned in the green, imagine in this tranquility to add your stay to a luxury villa. You will not find many...

pilio viles

Villas in Pelion

Escape to Pelion and stay in a dream villa? Below we have suggestions for accommodation in villas in beautiful corners of Pelion. Pelion, after all, has a variety of options from many places, either in...


Hotels in Neraidohori

Accommodation in Neraidochori, in another beautiful village in the mountains of Trikala. Neraidochori is located just 4 km away after Pertouli and compared to the other nearby villages it is clearly more spread on the...

περτουλι ξενοδοχεια

Hotels in Pertouli

In the beautiful Pertouli in the prefecture of Trikala you will find well-kept hotels and guesthouses for your accommodation. Pertouli is located in an idyllic location after the meadows of Pertouli where the ski center...

καλυβια πεζουλας διαμονη

Hotels in Kalivia Pezoulas

Kalivia Pezoulas is the first organized settlement you encounter as you move to the west side of Lake Plastira. Known more as a stop for food, since the crossroads you will find is typical in...

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