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Everyone has heard of the traditional delicious Pelion food called ''spetzofai''. Spetzofai is a dish usually served at the "middle" of the table and perfectly combines with wine and tsipouro. The word Spetzofai comes from the combination of the Italian word spezz (atino) for the sauce and the word ''fai''(=food).

It is made from local sausages fried with red peppers and sauce tomato. The traditional recipe containing sausage cut into slices, onion cut into small size, green and red peppers, eggplant, olive oil, white wine, vegetable broth, sugar, pepper, salt and tomato sauce.

spetzofai piliou fagita pilio

Halvas is about 400 years old, the classic halva with butter stands in Farsala and in many festivals organized throughout Thessaly. The secret of good halva is based on butter, a good butter will give you a good halva. As well as good cooking plays a big role in tastiness. The ingredients are water, sugar, butter, niseste (is the material thickens the mixture) and almond.

Feta is a product with Protected Designation and Origin (PDO) and is a key link in the food chain of the Greeks filling the tables of families with Greek salad, traditional pies and other hearty meals. One of the myths heard is that the cheese was granted by the Gods of Olympus in humans. Is a source of

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In Elassona and in surrounding villages every house cultivated an amount of wine and tsipouro for private use every year. The vine is a crop that does not require rich soils and not much water needs.

The wine of Elassona and surrounding areas is exported in countries like Sweden, Germany, Belgium and China.

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