τραχανας συνταγη

Trachanas is a traditional product produced in many Greek villages. It is beneficial to our health and do good like soup in the organization's inability periods. It is cooked very quickly, it is tasty and energizing and fasting can not eat the so-called fasting.

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One of the traditional sweets that are made in Thessaly is retseli or Reggello, a native of Asia Minor. Made with pumpkin and grape or grape syrup and flavor reminiscent of something sweet and jam together. It can be done with figs or quince accordingly what we like about following the same preparation.

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A special food that requires craftsmanship. This food was cooked at Christmas. Every family took care of killing a pig for the Christmas table.

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μαυρο μεσενικόλα κράσι λιμνης πλαστηρα

The OPAP "Mesenikolas" is produced in the wine-growing zone between the villages of Moschato-Morfovouni-Messenikolas near the Plastira's Lake at the prefecture of Karditsa. The Mesenikola Municipal District is 700 meters tall "drowned" in the beautiful vineyards

And near the northeastern side of Lake Plastira, is about 20 km from the city of Karditsa.

The variety that made wines known outside the Prefecture of Karditsa is Black Mesenicola, which is not grown in other parts of Greece. Its origins are due to a Venetian official Messier Nicolas. He was the one who brought the vineyard cultivation and the Black Mesenicola, a special red variety. It is combined with the Syrah and Carignan varieties at a rate of 30% for the production of the name 'Melenicola'. It is an indigenous variety, lively, productive and resistant to drought. Its grape is conical or cylindrical, blooming around the end of May and maturing towards the end of September giving wines with fine aromas, moderate alcoholic strength and color.

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