Apples grown in richest grounds of Agia in Larissa Prefecture are known throughout Greece for their taste and quality. The first apples were cultivated back in the 50's, coriander was the first variety of apples that was produced and monopolized the farms for near twenty years. From 1980 onwards Agias farmers started growing varieties such as Jesey Mac, Golden, Starkrimson and Granny Smith.

Today apple yearly production in Agia reaches 70 thousand tons and it is equal with the 20% of Greece’s production.

Citizens of Agia in cooperation with local confectioners and know chefs from all over the country, made the largest apple pie ever, twenty meters in length and weighing 333 kg. With that huge apple pie Agia earned a record in the Guinness World Record book.

μηλα ζαγοράς πηλιου zgora apples pilio

Zagora is the largest village in Pelion, produces varieties'' Starking delicious'','' Golden delicious'','' Royal Gala'','' Reinette du canada'' and Fyriki Pelion. The commercial name is ''Zagorin'', it's 100% Greek, from the best in the world with Protected Designation of Origin recognized by the European Union. The life

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The white wine Retsina, is probably the most popular Greek wine. Made from white wine by adding natural resin (gum resin) of pine during the fermentation. People drink Retsina in abundant quantity and always cold at their meals. It is connected with all the traditional Greek dishes and is the main wine wine at the taverns. The taste of retsina characterized by the scent of pine and has a golden-yellow color.

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Plastos is a type of pie from Thessaly and it's cooked at many villages of Thessaly. The classic recipe of Plastos is made from greens such as nettles, leaf of zucchini, parsley and spinach for the filling.


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