Trachanas is a traditional product produced in many Greek villages. It is beneficial to our health and do good like soup in the organization's inability periods. It is cooked very quickly, it is tasty and energizing and fasting can not eat the so-called fasting.

In Thessaly there is high demand and consumption in trachana and we can easily find many good quality shops with local products. trachanas in more eaten in winter because it's cuter just cooked and hot but can be the use in pies tasting a local recipe or even tie your components when you cook.

There tart frumenty made from sour milk (whey) or yogurt, flour or semolina and salt. A classic recipe of tart is to put a little in a saucepan with water and a little salt, add olive oil or butter and stir constantly until a boil to avoid clotting. Then turn off the heat, add the cheese and serve hot with fresh bread.

Sweet prepared with the same materials sour alone is fresh milk instead of sour milk and suits cooked in sauce meat foods. The Lenten usually the reddish color has milk instead of fresh tomato puree or paste. The frumenty maintained for a long time and is best kept in glass jars in the refrigerator.

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