One of the traditional sweets that are made in Thessaly is retseli or Reggello, a native of Asia Minor. Made with pumpkin and grape or grape syrup and flavor reminiscent of something sweet and jam together. It can be done with figs or quince accordingly what we like about following the same preparation.

The recipe is very simple materials, you need 1 kg pumpkin, 1 kilo of grape, ginger 1 sprig optional 1 lime mug.

This process is thoroughly cleaned pumpkin from the peel and seeds and cut into square pieces of medium size. After it must be soaked several hours in solution of lime with water, occasionally stirring, to tie and to get out more crunchy taste.

Then wash thoroughly with running water to leave the lime and completely drain to leave all their fluids. If we want to boil a bit to better clean and then rinse with cold water and drain them on absorbent cloth.

When it will be dry then boil for about an hour in wort or molasses together with the ginger until thick sweet. After the place as it is hot in sterilized glass jars filling to the brim, the blind well and invert to close tightly. Airing, normally we go and put in a cool, shady place. After opening refrigerated.

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