The white wine Retsina, is probably the most popular Greek wine. Made from white wine by adding natural resin (gum resin) of pine during the fermentation. People drink Retsina in abundant quantity and always cold at their meals. It is connected with all the traditional Greek dishes and is the main wine wine at the taverns. The taste of retsina characterized by the scent of pine and has a golden-yellow color.

The history of retsina starts from ancient times. In an effort to preserve the wine they discovered the unique aroma and flavor that the resin gives. The use of pine resin was for the airtight sealing of jars.

You can enjoy the Retsina with food and snacks, but always cold to taste the rich flavor. In a more modern version, more prevalent among young people, Retsina is mixed in a glass of fizzy drink or carbonated water to get even sweeter taste. The price is low compared to other wines and you can easily find in all taverns and super markets. If you want to combine your meal with a traditional Greek wine Retsina is the best choice you can make.

Retsina is a registered product and can only be produced in Greece. Also Retsina is classified by the European Union at the wines with traditional designation, produced with local traditional ways of each country.

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