The healing properties of the thermal waters were already known since ancient years. According to Latin historic Plionios who said that "if someone throws a gold jewelry in a fountain of Evrimenon that will turn into stone ...» presumed to be a possibility that at the Red Water village used to be located the ancient city Evrimenes. The Kokkino Nero village is a settlement of the Municipality of Evrimenes within tall sycamores and lies on the foothills of Kissavos, Kokkino Nero stands for “Red Water”. It got its name from the Thermal Spring that gushes just outside from the village, heading towards to the village of Stomio. The color of the water is caused from the iron hydroxides in it, which paint the rocks red in its path.

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Characterization: Cold HCO3- Ca- Mg- CO2 hypotonic curative water.
Therapeutic Indications: Urinary and gastrointestinal system

Elements such as the chemistry of the water, the facilities, the environment and the infrastructure in the wide area of the springs make Kokkino Nero village an important destination for visitors who want to have spa therapies. Through the last years four small stone tanks were built especially for spa therapies and redevelopment projects of the surrounding area are being held for more pleasant moments of accommodation and relaxation. A specially designed path leads you to the Font (“Kolimvithra”) with the extremely icy spring water, which is also an attraction of the area.

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The drinking mineral therapy helps in a number of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and to dissolve stones in the kidney and the bile and smooths urinary stones. Other diseases you might smooth doing those treatments are osteoarthritis, constipation, indigestion, mild gastritis and enteritis.

The “Kokkino Nero” spring is near Karitsa, 60 km away from Larisa and 17 km away from the National Road Thessaloniki – Athens.

Where to stay:
Kokkino Nero, Stomio, Mesagala. Book now at the available hotels in Kokkino Nero. Great deals for every budget!

Beaches near Kokkino Nero
Agiokampos-Velika-Sotiritsa seacoast, Platia Ammos, Tsiligiorgos, Stomio.

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