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Trikala, capital city of Trikala Prefecture, is built on the site of the ancient city of Trikki, that gave the origins of today's name. Trikala city is crossed by Letheus River, tributary of Peneus river, giving a site of nature in the city. There are also traditional narrow streets, the byzantine fort, the grove of Prophet Elias, and a significant zoo.

A walk through the pedestrian Asklipiou road will offer to its visitors moments of relax and fun, while they can travel through time visiting the traditional area of Varousi. After Varousi you can walk the road up to the fort of Trikala and visit the old tower clock of the city, from that point you 're only 1.2 klm away from the town's zoo wich amongst other species also hosts and a pair of tigers, canguros and Lamas.

Trikala is the place of birth of significant persons of ancient and modern Greece as well. Asclepius, the first Greek physician, whose healing abilities gave the impression that he had divine powers, was born in Trikala, next to the bank of river Letheus. Art lovers can visit the Museum of Dimitris and Legko Katsikogianni which counts 1236 paintings and 114 sculptures, created by the great artist Dimitri Katsikogiannis.

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Sightseeing in Trikala
Trikala Fortress - A trademark for the city, the fortress has grown generations and generations. Here you will find the city clock, an open-air theater as well as a café-restaurant. Perhaps the most characteristic attraction, along with the river! From the clock tower you have a panoramic image of the city.
Asklepieion - In the center of Trikala there are the ruins of the famous Asklipieion of ancient Trikkis.
Varoussi - Under the fortress is located "Varoussi", the Medieval quarter of the city, with an exceptional architectural interest. Here are and ... the "straits" in which (the favorite song wants to) killed the legendary Sakaflias.
Zoo - If you go to the Trikala Fortress, take a stroll here too! The zoo of the Municipality is located in the natural environment of the hill Prophet Elias.
Kursum Mosque - At the southern entrance of the city is Kursum-Mosque, the work of the Islamic architect Sinan-pasha. It was rebuilt in 1996 by the Municipality of Trikala, funded by the European Union. It is a work protected by UNESCO.
Multisphere of Art and Culture Milos Matsopoulos - A particularly important industrial monument, which was the first milling and pastry factory in Greece. The Mill machines are kept in good condition while the summer and winter Municipal Cinema are housed there.

Hotels in Trikala - accommodation in Trikala
You will find hotels for your stay at the city center. Check out the available hotels in Trikala.

Close to Trikala
If you head towards the villag of Pili you will be taken to the villages of Mt Koziakas (Elati - Pertouli - Neraidohori) that gather visitors all year round. The village of Pili is where the entrance to these villages is just 15 minutes from Trikala. Also from Trikala and after a long 20 km radius you will find Kalambaka, Kastraki and Meteora.

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