Tempi Valley

A passage to history


The valley of Tempi is formed between Olympus and Ossa (Kissavos) mountain. Its length is 10 km and flows through the river Peneus, which pours into the Aegean Sea. Α canyon of 25 meters wide and about 500 meters altitude is formed at the most narrow part of the valley. The valley of Tempi geographically was an important trade passage in ancient times connecting Thessaly and Macedonia. At the entrance of the valley you can follow the road to the historiuc community of Ampelakia.

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The famous church of Agia Paraskevi located at the center of the valley was built at around 1910 by OSE(Hellenic Railways Organisation) and the financing of railway employees. Beside the church is a small cave where is the original pilgrimage, where at the end of the cave from a hole in the rock welling the sanctification of Agia Paraskevi. The cave is so small that hardly fits only one man.

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If you want to visit the church you have to cross the iron bridge that was built in 1960, until then visitors were transferred to the other side of Penaeus via boat or by a small wooden bridge.

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Also near the valley you can find the Peneus Delta, and the coast with beaches like Stomio, Platia Ammos, Kastri and more.

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