Mt Ossa

The mountain of fairies

Kissavos ( Mount Ossa) has a hidden beauty that awaits the visitor to explore. A mountain full of dense forests of chestnut, beech and pine trees, canyons and streams on slopes carved from forest roads and paths.

Kissavos is known to us as the second highest mountain in Greece. River Penaeus, valley of Tempi, the unique Delta Penaeus with historical village Ampelakia, canyon Calypso and Mavrovouni forest. Byzantine monasteries, churches and bridges have been built along with the villages of Agia, Metaxochori, Melivia, Spilia and Megalovryso. People fled to the mountain, stayed there and slowly began to move in the Aegean coast by choosing their permanent residence there. People who restores houses, reconstruct streets, organize mild nature activities, ready to explore the beauty of Kissavos all seasons.

delta pineiou

In Metaxohori (old Retsiani) you will see paved neighborhoods and aged mansions. Just a few meters from the Agia with towering trees, the Tzimerou mansion Vatzia 1871 mansion, the mansion Swiss baron Eugene Favr 1876 and St. Nicholas church with the silver dome. Metaxohori is also known as the village that many artists choose to stay such as Thanasis Papakonstantinou, Georgouli Alice, Anna Vagena and others. Relax at the central square with trees located nexto the mountain stream. Leave your car and go up the walkers leading to every point of the village. Metaxohori owes its name to the rearing of silkworm, an occupation that brought wealth and development in the village, especially during the 18th and 19th centuries. The spacious stone mansions that you will encounter at every step foot in traditional neighborhoods, served alongside the housing needs of owners and housing in the cottage industry since the ground floor housed the silkworm farming areas and processing of silk.

We meet Skiti after Agia. Skiti is a little 'balcony' of the Aegean that gives nice cool breeze in summer and beautiful inns. Beautiful village on a summer excursion to navigate the narrow village. Skiti is also a perfect choise to stay if you plan to stay for a weekend near the beaches of Agiokampos and Velika.


We meet village Spilia following the road from Larissa to Sykourio. Spilia has great views, delicious food and the ability to access the Kissavos shelter through the asphalt road now and then on top of Mt Kissavos. Also, a magical journey by car inside Kissavos's forest is the road from Spilia to Karitsa at the aegean side of Kissavos!

The historical community of Ampelakia is located at the entrance of the valley of Tempe. Worth seeing the Schwartz mansion and the many other attractions and museums. Ampelakia are located just 20 minutes from the city of Larissa. Ampelakia is characterized traditional and preserved settlement. It is best to leave your car at the entrance of the village and walk to the square and admire the buildings as you walk. Trees, poplars, pines, cypresses, chestnut trees embracing the place.

Ampelakia wide

Kokkino Nero and Karitsa
Kokkino Nero is a coast village with red waters which are rich in minerals and digestive properties. Read here about the hot springs in Kokkino Nero. Many visitors from the Balkans choose Kokkino Nero for their summer vacations. Karitsa on the other is at an altitude of 400 meters and offers a unique view of the blue Aegean and breaths of coolness in summer. Shortly before Karitsa will see on your right an asphalt road that if you follow him you will reach after 6 km in forest Ariopriono position with recreation facilities. Near Kokkino Nero you will find the stone bridge of Paparizaina built in 1719 and also you must try the hiking route to the gorge of Calypso with the waterfall! Book now at the available hotels in Kokkino Nero.

kokkinonero aerial

East Kissavos Villages: Karitsa, Stomio, Kokkino Nero, Koutsoupia, Paliouria, Agiokampos and more.

Activities in Kissavos
Hiking at Kissavos peak
Hiking at the east side of Kissavos
Canyoning in Calipso canyon
Watersports at Velika
Spa tourism in Kokkino Nero's thermal springs.
Canoe cayak at Penaeus Delta

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