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Alonissos covers an area of ​​64.5, with a population of no more than 3,000 residents and is 62 nautical miles far from Volos Port. Alonissos was known in ancient times as Ikos. It was famous and celebrated throughout the known world for it's fine wine.

Alonissos includes many beaches accessed on foot or by boat, within just 10-15 minutes from the old town and Patitiri. Most of the taverns and hotels are in Patitiri. Old Alonissos (Chora or Old Town) is also a very beatiful place to stay and to eat but only in summer. If you plan to visit Old Alonissos in spring or in autumn you will find many taverns and stores closed. It's mainly a summer resort but you will find lots of wonderful cafes and tavernas with the Castle of Alonissos with gorgeous views to the sea. Also, you will find crystal clear waters, hotels and two tavernas in Votsi, it's just 20 minutes walk from Patitiri. See all sights in Alonissos.

Alonissos can be described as a green paradise, including the National Marine Park which is the largest of Europe and the only that operates in Greece. The port of Steni Vala is the starting point for excursions to the Marine Park. An extended marine area of 2,200 square kilometers includes Alonissos Island and 6 smaller islands Peristera, Psathoura, Kyra Panagia, Skatzoura, Gioura and Piperi and 22 islets. The purpose of the park is to protect the monk seal (monachus monachus) and  the stunning flora and fauna.

Accommodation in Alonissos - Hotels Rooms to let apartments

Accomodation options include hotels and rooms in Patitiri and in Old Alonissos (Chora) in low prices. Also you can stay at hotels in Votsi and in Rousoum Gialos, with pools good facilities and a great view to Aegean sea. If you wish a luxurious stay in Alonissos then read our article about 4 & 5 star hotels in Alonissos. Generally in Alonissos you can find really cheap prices for your stay amongst pine trees, relaxed atmosphere, fantastic locations and friendly people. Many visitors, mostly young people, choose to stay at the camping that exist in Alonissos near Patitiri at about 15-20 minutes walk from the port.

alonissos patitiri

Transportation (bus) - Taxi - Rent a Car in Alonissos - Ferry tickets

Lane 1: Patitiri - Old Town (ticket costs 1.60 euro)
Lane 2: Patitiri - Steni Vala (ticket costs 1.70euro)

You will also find 4 taxis at the port of Patitiri. If you decide to rent a car prices are at about 40euros per day for months like May-June and 50euros per day in July-August. Book now your rental car in Alonissos here

Ferry tickets to Alonissos: Highspeed and conventional vessels make routes to Alonissos. You can travel to Alonissos through the ports of Volos, Mantoudi, Kimi and Thessaloniki.

"Express Skiathos" conventional vessel - departure at 07:45 from Volos, arrival in Alonissos at 12:25. Ticket costs 30euros per person, car ticket costs 85 euros.
"Flying Cat" Highspeed vessel - departure at 16:00, arrival in Alonissos at 19:10. Ticket costs 52 euros. Book now your ferry tickets to Alonissos.


Tuna, cheese and wine.


Sunset spots: Old Alonissos, Kokkinokastro beach, Tsoukalia beach.
Enjoy your cocktail at the bar Piperi at Old Alonissos next to the church of Christ. Read also our article about 10 things to do and see in Alonissos.
Definately, taste fresh fish at the fishtaverns of Kalamakia, a small settlement near Steni Vala at north Alonissos.
Worth visiting the folklore museum at the port of Patitiri. You will see it on your left as you see the port.




Alonissos is the paradise of fresh fish. You will find tavernas which specialize in lobster spaghetti in Steni Vala and at the port of Kalamakia. Generally in Alonissos you can taste stuffed squid, fish soup and pasta with lobster. Enjoy roast aubergines and traditional cheese pie as well. Some of the traditional sweets are really delicious like nutcake, marchpanes and rice puddings, all created with materials offered by the local womens' agrotouristic partnership.

Also many visitors choose to eat at the restaurants located at Old Alonissos. There are plenty restaurants you can choose from. It's a perfect choise to relax and have a night walk at the streets of the village.

Places to eat next to the sea: Patitiri port, Rousoum Gialos, Votsi, Megalos Mourtias, Steni Vala, Kalamakia, Milia.

αλοννησος ταβερνες

αλοννησος ταβερνες

αλοννησος ταβερνες

αλοννησος ταβερνες

αλοννησος ταβερνες


Alonissos is a quite place, a perfect place to relax. You will not find many bars on the island. Try Piperi bar and Hayati at Old Alonissos.

alonissos bar

alonissos bar

alonissos bar

volos alonissos ferry tickets

You can access Alonissos from the ports of Volos, Aghios Konstantinos, Kimi and Thessaloniki (during the summer months). Conventional and highspeed vessels departure from the port of Volos. Ferry tickets per person and per route (HSW conventional vessel departs at 07:45) from the port of Volos: Deck 30 euros, A' class lounge 38 euros and cars up to 3.7 meters 85 euros. The highspeed vessel ticket (HSW) costs 85 euros and departs every day at 12:00a.m. to Skiathos-Skopelos-Alonissos. Book now your ferry tickets to Alonissos.

Port of Volos to Alonissos - Ferry tickets
Blue Star Ferries Hellenic Seaways
conventional vessel "Express Skiathos" ferry ticket costs 30euro, car ticket 85euro, departs from Volos every day at 07:45 and arrives in Alonissos at 12:25. Also, from Alonissos to Volos: departure 12:35, arrives in Volos at 16:35.
highspeed vessel Flying Cat ferry ticket costs 52 euros, departs from Volos at 16:00 and arrives in Alonissos at 19:10. Also, from Alonissos to Volos: departure 06:30, arrival in Volos at 09:45. 

Highspeed vessel Erato departs at 08:15 and arrives in Alonissos at 11:20 (from June to September). Ferry ticket costs 35euros. From Alonissos to Volos: departure 15:30 arrives in Volos at 18:40.

conventional vessel "Proteas" departs from the port of Volos at 08:15, arrives in Alonissos at 13:45 (timetables from mid June to September). Ferry ticket cost 27.50euros, car ticket costs 67euros.

Ferries-booking: Ferry tickets to Alonissos Ferry tickets to Alonissos

Book now your ferry tickets to Alonissos

Port of Mantoudi (Evoia Island) to Alonissos Ferry tickets
Ferry "Protas" from ANES Lines: 3 routes per week (Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday) to Skopelos-Alonissos (June to September). Prices per person and per route: Deck 24 euro, A' class lounge 28 euro and cars 45 euro to Skopelos. Departure from mantoudi at 15:00 , arrival in Alonissos at 16:50. Book now tour ferry tickets from Mantoudi to Alonissos.

Port of Aghios Konstantinos to Alonissos ferry tickets (not for 2019)
Prices per person and per route: Conventional Vessel | Deck 38 euro, A' Class lounge 47.50 euro and cars up to 3.7 meters 57euro. Ticket of highspeed vessel costs 49.50 euro (HSW).

Click here for timetables to Alonissos.

alonissos shiproutes timetables tickets

Late February: Carnival parade with masquerades drinking and dancing.

Early May: Kalogianneia Festival with sports and cultural events at the high school of Alonissos.

Every June: Alonissos Challenge, Alonissos's marathon.

Every 16th of July: Fishermen Festival. Food and wine are ofered to visitors along with traditional music.

Every 15th of August: Revival of the wedding of Alonissos in Old Alonissos.

Every 15th of August: Traditional celebration of Virgin Mary in Old Alonissos with wine and food.


Activities include tours in picturesque village with narrow streets, traditional stone houses and breathtaking views in Old Alonissos, in Rousoum Gialos, in Votsi, in Steni Vala and in Kalamakia. Many visitors choose to discover the seabed of Alonissos, you will find two diving centers whick organize excursions and diving lessons. Visit Alonissos Triton dive center for more info and diving courses. The surrounding sea life includes 300 species of fish, dolphins, corals and shipwrecks. If you want to dive alone you have to call (0030 24240 65595) at the Port to inform them. Worth a visit to the Pirate museum located in Patitiri with various items of warships and pirate ships. Also visit the islands of the marine park, kayaking, canoeing, fishing and hiking.

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Scuba Diving in Alonissos
Hiking in Alonissos

Old Alonissos
After the great earthquake of 1965 the Old Alonissos was abandoned by its inhabitants but over the years many people started rebuilding their houses and so the village reverted back to life. The attractions are quite many so make sure you have enough time to explore them. As you ascend you will see the church of Christ beside the small square with the two cafes.
At the same point, and almost opposite of it, is the church of Saint Athanasios of the 17th-18th century, a single-cell type church with a wooden basilica roof and a semicircular dome. Continuing your walk on the pedestrian Street after the church of Christ you'll find yourselves at the entrance of the castle. There you will see a traditional house which is small Folk Museum, built during the Venetian period. At the edge of the village is the old Primary School a donation by Andreas Syngros, which constitutes the largest neo-classical building of the island. Next to the Cathedral of the Annunciation (18th century) you will see the old well from where the village women used to carry water to their homes. Finally, other churches you can admire are the Agios Dimitrios and Agios Georgios churches.

National Marine Park of Alonissos (The largest Marine Park in Europe)
This is one particularly important area consisting of two zones. The flora and fauna of the park are rich with many species of fish, birds, reptiles and mammals. The Mediterranean seal, the red coral, the mavropetritis bird, the aigaioglaros bird, the shag and the ibex of Gioura are some of the characteristical  species living in the area. Read more about the Marine Park here.

Christ's church
A characteristic building due to its architecture. You are going to find it as you ascend in the pedestrian zone of the Old Alonissos, as mentioned above. It is an one-room temple without columns of the 17th century.

sights alonissos church of christ

The museum of Alonissos
The museum of Alonissos or else the Pirate Museum, as many people in the island call it, is housed in a four-storey stone building and exhibits a rich collection of objects from pirate ships and objects of the island. We visited and present it in detail here.

sights alonissos pirate museum

The Castle
It's positioned in the Old Alonissos and offers a great view and beautiful sunsets. Do not miss the opportunity to wander around the narrow streets of the Castle. Inside the castle you will also see the church of St. George from the 16th century, a single-cell basilica type of church, which is believed to be the oldest church still existing on the island. Finally at the edge of the fence you will see Lisva, the place from where the residents fled when pirates raided the island.

Blue Cave
Also called Papanikolis cave because the submarine Papanikolis found shelter there during the war. The cave is almost across from Cape Paliofanaro of the island of Peristera.

Beyond the beach you'll see the fenced area with pieces of pottery. That is where the name of the beach came from. (tsoukalia=pottery bowls)

  • Agios Dimitrios – located about 15 km away from the port, this beach is included in a list of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world. With small pebbles, pines and a view to the island Peristera. Near the beach there is a canteen, water sports and a small taverna for snacks, soft drinks and beers.
  • Mourtitsa - non-organized beach near Agios Dimitrios beach.

alonissos paralies agios dimitrios

  • Glifa/Steni Vala – beach next to Steni Vala with small pebbles, water sports, port and taverns.
  • Leftos Gyalos – organized beach with umbrellas and sun beds with pebbles and pine trees.
  • Megalos Mourtias – organized beach with umbrellas and sun beds with big pebbles and pine trees just a few minutes from Chora.
  • Mikros Mourtias - non-organized beach, the half beach is shaded in the morning.
  • Tzortzi Gyalos – beautiful organized beach with pebbles and sand.

alonissos votsi out

  • Kokkinokastro - organized beach that offers a unique landscape of red rocks, green trees and turquoise waters.
  • Chrisi Milia - Chrysi Milia beach is one of the few sandy beaches in the island. The beach is very shallow, thus suitable for small kids.
  • Μilia – beach with big white pebbles.

alonissos paralies milia

  • Agios Petros - a small beach next to Steni Vala. Access by path.
  • Spartines
  • Votsi – small beach with small pebbles, natural shade from the trees overlooking the rocks and  port with fishing boats and restaurants.
  • Rousoum Gyalos - small beach next to Patitiri with taverns and cafes.
  • Τsoukalia - small organized beach with a canteen and sunbeds.

alonissos paralies kokkinokastro

  • Gialia - pebble non-organized beach located 1.5km from Old Town with a windmill.
  • Vrysitsa
  • Vithisma - pebble non-official nude beach. Access by path.
  • Megali Ammos - a small non-organized beach. The road is difficult.
  • Agioi Anargiroi and Tourkoneri - small non-organized beaches. Difficult road.

alonissos gialiabeach

There are no official nudist beaches in Alonissos but in Vythisma and in Mikros Mourtias you can probably see people with their textiles off.


Alonissos rousoum gialos beach

alonissos megalos mourtias

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