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Skiathos is the cosmopolitan island on Northern Sporades covering an area of 45 has been the top destination for thousands of tourists just in a few years. Skiathos can be reached by boat from Volos port (41 n.m.) and it's an international tourist destination. The magnificent forest of Koukounaries, located just beside the seaside, the famous Banana Beach and its magical sunset, and the wetlands of Strofylia Lagoon will just take your breath away. Skiathos is offered for hot summer vacations, mostly for young people, with its special nightlife, as well as for people that seek relaxation.

Skiathos' beautiful beaches with crystal waters, the green natural scape, the traditional villages, the local hospitality as well as the perfect touristic structures and the extreme nightlife are the clues that attract more Greek and foreign tourists every year.

Tourists can visit spots like the house of the great Greek author Alexandros Papadiamantis, Bourtzi, the Castle of Skiathos as well as the traditional greek orthodox churches and monasteries. Read our article of 10 things to do and see in Skiathos.

skiathos old port

Accommodation in Skiathos - Hotels in Skiathos - Rooms to let - Prices

You will find stylish and beatiful hotels and apartments in Skiathos town, Troulos, Agia Paraskeyi, Megali Ammos and Koukounaries. Also beautiful elegantly decorated villas are located in the island providing, pools, BBQ and fully equipped accommondation. The only camping in the island is located in Koukounaries. Many visitors choose to stay in Skiathos town because many taverns are in short distance from their hotel. If you wish a more comfortable and luxurious stay in Skiathos then read our article 5 star hotels in Skiathos.

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Transportation - Bus - Taxi - Rent a car in Skiathos - Ferry tickets to Skiathos

There are 3 bus lanes (see map for details)
Lane 1: Skiathos (Park of Elementary school) - Evagelistria Monastery
Lane 2: Skiathos (Park of Elementary school) - Ksanemos beach
Lane 3: Skiathos - Koukounaries

Ticket to Koukounaries costs 1.80euro and ticket to Agia Paraskevi costs 1.40euro. Buses depart every 20 minutes. Bus services operate from 07:00am till 00:00.

The taxi station operates 24hours a day and is located just 50 meters from the exit of the new port. Telephone 0030 24270-21460.

Rent a car in Skiathos
You will find many car rental companies in Skiathos town if you wish to rent a car while you are staying in Skiathos in cheap prices. Book now your rental car in Skiathos here

Banks - ATM
There are three banks in Skiathos town, Pireus Bank, National Bank and Alpha Bank. Withdrawal fees are from 2 euros (National Bank) to as much as 3,95.

Ferry tickets to Skiathos from Volos, Thessaloniki, Mantoudi, Aghios Konstantinos
Highspeed and conventional vessels make routes to Skiathos through the ports of Volos, Thessaloniki, Mantoudi and Aghios Konstantinos.
"Express Skiathos", ferry ticket cost 25euros per person, car ticket costs 79euros. Departure from Volos 07:45 every day, arrival in Skiathos at 10:00
(Highspeed) "Flying Cat 6". Ticket costs 41 euros. Departure from Volos at 16:00 every day, arrival in Skiathos at 17:40.
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In Skiathos you will see magnificent beaches with crystal-clear waters. Explore Koukounaries beach, Axladies beach suitable for wind surfing, Bromolimnos, Megalos Ammos, Banana, Mandraki, Elia, Aselinos, Agistros and Lalaria.



The exciting nightlife of Skiathos and the beach bars at Banana. Also, enjoy your drink and your cocktail at the Maxilares, an area inside the town with bars that have cushions.
Have an excursion to Lalaria beach by boat. It costs at about 10 euro to Lalaria-Castle and isle Tsougrias.

Sunset spots in Skiathos: beaches of Banana-Koukounaries-Agia Eleni and at the Castle (North Skiathos). 
Visit famous Greek writer Papadiamanti's House-Museum.
Visit the small island Arkos and have an excursion to Skopelos and Alonissos at the Marine Park of Alonissos which is the largest marine park in Europe.
Enjoy the view from Bourtzi at a lovely evening.

skiathos limani

skiathos ferry tickets

Skiathos is connected with the ports of Volos, Aghios Konstantinos (Prefecture of Fthiotida), Mantoudi in Evia and Thessaloniki (during the summer months). Skiathos has an airport too. See all available flights to Skiathos.

Ferries that make routes to Skiathos are from companies like Blue Star Ferries, ANES LINES and AEGEAN FLYING DOLPHINS. Prices per person and per route (Express Skiathos Ferry): Deck 25euros, cars up to 3.7meters 79euros. ANES Lines ships have cheaper tickets and the ticket to Skiathos costs 22.30euros.

Port of Volos to Skiathos - ferry tickets - timetables
Blue Star Ferries (Hellenic Seaways)
Ferry: Express Skiathos. Ferry ticket costs 25euros per person, car ticket costs 79euros. Departure from Volos 07:45, arrival in Skiathos at 10:00
Highspeed vessel "Flying Cat". Ticket costs 41 euros. Departure from Volos at 16:00, arrival in Skiathos at 17:40.

Highspeed vessel "Erato". Ticket costs 30euros. Departure at 14:00, arrival in Skiathos at 15:15.

Ferry: "Proteas" Ferry ticket costs 22.30euros. Car ticket costs 62euros. Departure at 08:15 and arrives in Skiathos at 11:00.

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Port of Thessaloniki to Skiathos - ferry tickets - timetables (year 2018, not for summer 2019)
Flying cat 4 highspeed vessels departs from Thessaloniki at 10:00 and arrives in Skiathos at 12:55. Ticket cost 59 euros per person (Route stopped from summer of 2017)

Port of Mantoudi (Evia island) (60km north east of Chalkida) to Skiathos ferry tickets - timetables
Ships of ANES LINES departs 3 times a week from Mantoudi to Skiathos and Skopelos. Prices per person and per route: Deck 19,80 euros and cars 55 euros.
More details about routes and timetables click here.

Port of Agios Konstantinos to Skiathos ferry tickets - timetables
Prices per person and per route: Deck 30 euros, A' class lounge 38euros and cars up to 3.7 meters 53euros.
Conventional vessels click here
Highspeed vessels click here 

Click here for Skiathos timetables and routes.


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sporades shiproutes

You will find many restaurants around the streets of Skiathos offering delicious meals from Greek and Mediterranean cuisine in beautiful locations.

must visit restaurants: Windmill Skiathos, Marmita, Carnayo.

The nightlife in Skiathos '' hits '' on two points. In the coastal area of the village on the road to the airport where the fun and music continues until the morning hours and the second point where the 'cushions' in the old harbor were offering stunning cocktails. Another good choice is the bar at the Bourtzi for coffee or a drink.

skiathos maxilares enjoythessaly

Of course we will not miss our report at the beach bar in Banana Beach where many young people choose to dance and drink cocktails.

flickr skiathos banana2bygpanagiot

image Flickr CC

Every year in summer the Festival of the Aegean takes place in Bourtzi area with concerts, theatrical shows, excibitions, folklore dances and more!
7th of September - the locals throw flowers to the sea in commemoration of the famous submarine Lampros Katsonis.
Easter Monday - a horse race is taking place near the lake of Koukounaries every year in honour of Agios Georgios.
Easter - on Holy Friday with 3 epitaphs.
15th of August - celebration in honour of Virgin Mary at the monastery of Evagelistria.
18th of August - celebration in Tsougrias island.


Water Sports

at the beaches of Koukounaries, Banana, Kapapitsa, Ambelakia, Megali Ammos and Vromolimnos.


diving at the emerald waters of Skiathos with good underwater visibility. You will find 3 diving centers in Skiathos, the first in Koukounaries, the second in Tzaneria and the third in east-port Marina.


You will find the only campsite at the beach of Koukounaries.

Boat Excursions

to Skopelos-Alonissos and the Marine Park. Also boats depart every day from the old port of Skiathos to Lalaria-Kastro-Tsougrias, ticket costs about 20euro.


For lovers of nature and hiking trails having 25 paths which in total exceed the 197 kilometer distance.


The airport of Skiathos is the “Saint Martin” of Greece, the runaway is short and narrow and you can watch flights landing and taking off so close from you! Many ''planespotting'' fans choose Skiathos because it's cheaper than going to the airport of Sint Maarten. Read more and watch videos about planespotting in Skiathos here.

Horse Riding

You will find the horse riding center which operates for the last 21 years on the island behind the beach of Koukounaries. Also, every year on Easter Monday a horse race is taking place near the lake of Koukounaries in honour of Agios Georgios.

Bicycle Riding

under development

Beaches near Koukounaries beach (western side of Skiathos)

  • Koukounaries – located 15 km from Chora, is one of the most famous sandy beaches of Skiathos. You will find water sports facilities, snack bars, restaurants, campsite and cafes.
  • Maratha - sandy beach
  • Troulos - organized sandy beach, suitable for families, swallow waters.
  • Banana - Banana beach is located near Koukounaries. The beach is split in Little Banana (official nudist beach) and Banana, there are two beach bars that fill each summer day by young people drinking cocktails and dancing.
  • Agia Eleni – sandy beach, pine trees reaching up to the sea, fine white sand, umbrellas and sun loungers. One of the most nice sunset spots in Skiathos.
  • Krifi Ammos - close to Agia Eleni it's Krifi Ammos beach, a sandy non-organized beach.
  • Vromolimnos - organized sandy beach.
  • Αgia Paraskeyi – located 9km from Chora. Beach with blonde fine sand and water sports.

Download the pocket-size map of Skiathos from enjoythessaly

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flickr skiathos lalaria bykullez

Lalaria beach Flickr CC Image Kullez

flickr skiathos bananabygpanagiot

Banana beach - image Flickr CC gpanagiot     

Beaches close to Skiathos Town

  • Xanemos - Xanemos is the beach that is next to to the airport of Skiathos
  • Megas Gialos - north from Xanemos is Megas Gialos. Next to the beach of Megas Gialos you will find Glyfoneri beach.
  • Megali Ammos - next to Skiathos town on the road to Koukounaries, organized sandy beach with good tourist facilities. Next to Megali Ammos it's the Ftelia beach.
  • Vasilias - organized sandy beach 2km from Skiathos town, well protected from strong winds.  
  • Achladies - organized sandy beach next to Vasilias beach, ideal beach for windsurfing
  • Tzaneria - sandy beach , organized
  • Κanapitsa - sandy organized beach 

Beaches at the northern side of Skiathos

  • Agistros – beach with fine sand, umbrellas and sun loungers.
  • Elias – fine white sand, umbrellas and sun loungers.
  • Mandraki (Xerxis's Port) - organized sandy beach. Mandraki is located near the Krifi Ammos beach.
  • Μikri Aselinos - sandy non-organized beach
  • Aselinos - sandy organized beach
  • Kechria - non-organized sandy beach near the Mikri Aselinos beach. Near the beach you will find the church of Panagia Kechria.

Beaches at the north eastern side of Skiathos

Lalaria – one of the most beautiful in Greece at the north east edge of the island, with craggypurely white rocks, white pebbles named "lalaria" covering the whole beach and the famous "Trypia Petra" on the edge of the beach. Access to Lalaria done only by boat.

Kastro - Kastro (castle) beach is at the north side of Skiathos near the beach of Lalaria. Castro beach is a non organized pebble beach. Boat or on foot access only.

Read also the top 6 beaches in Skiathos and10 things to see and do in Skiathos.

skiathos beaches

skiathos aselinos

flickr skiathos vromolimnosbygpanagiot

Vromolimnos beach image Flickr gpanagiot

Tourists can visit spots like the house of the great Greek author Alexandros Papadiamantis, Bourtzi, the Castle of Skiathos as well as the traditional greek orthodox churches and monasteries.

Alexandros Papadiamantis museum
The museum was also his house that he lived and wrote his novels from 1879. Alexandros Papadiamantis was a famous greek writer and his house is located at 80 meters from the east port of Skiathos.

Bourtzi is a small peninsula that seperates the new from the old port of Skiathos. You will see the remnants of the old castle that was built in 1207 from the Grizi brothers. Today, there's a cafe that many people choose to drink their coffee and enjoy the view to the port of Skiathos.

Castle of Skiathos
Castro is a natural peninsula that was used from the residents of Skiathos to protect themselves from the pirates. Today, you will see the remnants of the old buildings, four remaining churches, the gate, two water tanks, and a big canon.

Tsougrias and Arkos islands
Visit these two beautiful islets! Boat excursions are being organized from the old port with daily departures.

Churches and monasteries
Evagelistria Monastery

Strofilia Wetland

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