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Greece has had a tough few years, with harsh austerity measures, soaring unemployment and demonstrations hitting the world’s headlines. For a place that thrives on tourists – whether the kind that parties on sunburnt islands or hoovers up ancient culture – this is

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''Bourani'' is a Turkish word and means spinach, takes place in Tyrnavos and closes the cycle of carnival events. The materials to be done is spinach, rice, vinegar and nettle. The roots of this custom come from very old from the ancient Dionysian cults. Residents

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For the third year in a row the Mill of Elves in the city of Trikala, opens to all ages, the door to the most beautiful Christmas tale. Help us to welcome this year thousands of visitors from all over Greece and with your own voluntary action to make our city the most favorite Christmas destination .

The requirements to become a volunteer / s are:

* Be 17 years or older
* Being responsible / n, consistent with willingness to offer
* To love the festive atmosphere of Christmas


Holy Week is the culmination of Faith and Greek Orthodox worship. The monasteries of Meteora is currently the second religious destination after Mount Athos. Historically there have been 30 monasteries, today only six of them are inhabited. All six of them were added in the world heritage list of UNESCO in 1988.

The first hermits reached the Meteora rocks around 1100 AD, until 1500 AD founded 24 monasteries. The days of Holy Week are completely different from every other days where thousands of visitors come to take pictures, admire the architecture and geomorphological miracle of the monasteries of Meteora. People from the Balkans, Greeks, Bulgarians, Romanians and Russians live traditional Orthodox Easter in the Monasteries of Meteora in the original way.

The night of Easter begins at 9 pm. Admission to the women who wear trousers is prohibited, in the entrance are given skirts that can be worn over the trousers.

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