There are many reasons to visit Zagorochoria not only once but many times. Zagorochoria consists of 46 picturesque villages in Epirus in the area of ​​Tymfi, Pindos and Mitsikeli. The visit to Zagorochoria is suitable for all seasons, they are offered for unforgettable holidays that start from the stay in a wonderful room of a traditional hostel or hotel, a table set with local goodies,'s to get to know the natural beauty! The area where the villages are located is large, imagine it as a horseshoe, so it is quite important that you stay so as to avoid to some extent long routes since the road has several turns. Vitsa for example is a small village but located in a very convenient location. At 3 km is the neighboring village of Monodentri where you will find several hostels and dining options. Very close is the branch that leads to Kipi, Dilofo and then to Kapesovo, Tsepelovo etc. as well as to Aristi, Papigo etc. While if you stay for example in Mikro or Megalo Papigo which are more isolated you will be further away from the rest. villages, however Papigo is one of the best choices in the area. So, if you are wondering where to go, where to eat, where to stay and what to do, read below.


Where to stay in Zagorochoria.
In Zagorochoria there are hostels and hotels perfectly harmonized with the landscape of the area in many villages. See here all the hotels and hostels in Zagorochoria at the best prices.

1) Discover Papigo. Discover both Small and Big Papigo which are 3 km apart. Definitely worth wandering in the cobbled alleys to discover the well-arranged houses with Zagorian architecture, the churches and the fountains that you will find in both villages and of course the towers of Astraka. The towers of Astraka are the imposing rocks that cast their shadow on the villages. The only difference between them is that Mikro Papigo is a little less "commercial" than Megalo and has a more beautiful view of the peaks of Gamila. In both Mikro and Megalo Papigo you will find value options for your accommodation in traditional stone hotels and hostels. Papigo is 56 km from Ioannina, about an hour's drive.

2) If you are in Megalo Papigo and you want to go to Mikro Papigo then in the stream of Rogovo it is worth a stop at the small natural pools called Kolimbithres. These are small ponds formed by the natural flow of water. Whatever season you visit Papigo and these natural linens the landscape is suitable for many photos.

3) Dragon Lakes. In Zagorochoria is one of the most famous dragon lakes in the country, the dragon lake of Tymfi. Do not miss the opportunity to visit Drakolimni of Tymfi, the alpine lake located at an altitude of 2050 meters. To find yourself in the dragon lake of Timfi you start from Mikro Papigo to the shelter of Astraka at 1950 meters which will take you 3 hours of hiking and then another 2 hours to the crystal clear waters of the dragon lake.

4) Dilofo is the most well-preserved village in Zagorochoria and perhaps the most beautiful of all Zagorochoria. Opportunity to discover Dilofo with a walk inside the village on foot, since by car you can not enter the village and enjoy your walk on the cobbled streets, in the village square and admire the wonderful architecture such as the mansion Makropoulou which has a height of about 14 meters. However, it is important to mention that the most beautiful cobbled path is the Skala of Vradeto that connects the villages of Vradeto and Kapesovo for an hour, a cobbled path from another era. Dilofo is 30 km away from Ioannina.

5) Vikos Gorge. It is one of the most famous in Greece and is located in the heart of the Vikos-Aoos National Park. It is also listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the gorge with the smallest opening in the world. If you decide to visit it, it would be good to cross it with an experienced person, its duration is over 5 hours. If you want to go then from the village of Monodendri follow the old cobbled path that will lead you slowly to the riverbed. However, if you want to see it from afar, a good spot is the monastery of Agia Paraskevi. Other gorges of the area are: the gorge of Nefeli, the gorge of Vradeto, the gorge of Klidonia.

drakolimni timfi spiros vathis

faragi vikou by stef74

Vikos by Stef74 | Flickr CC

6) Try local pies and the local flour pie that is famous in Zagorochoria. Buy local products and souvenirs from Rogovo, a beautiful shop in Papigo.

7) Rafting in Voidomatis. One of the most famous activities in the area is to try rafting on the river Voidomatis. It is an incredible experience that

8) Churches and monasteries. In all Zagorochoria you will find many churches and monasteries in beautiful places. One of the things that stands out for the landscape is the monastery of Agia Paraskevi in ​​Monodendri which is located at the edge of the ravine of Vikos.

9) Wandering against the backdrop of historic stone bridges
One of the most characteristic images in Zagori is without a doubt its stone arched bridges. They date from the 18th century and reach 60 in number. It is definitely worth taking a stop and taking a photo against the background of these unique masterpieces. Some of the most famous stone bridges in Zagorochoria are: Kalogeriko, Kokkoros or Noutsos of 1750 whose arch has an opening of 25 meters and a height of 11.5 meters and Kontodimos around the village of Kipoi, Missios near Vitsa and Canberra Aga near Miliotades. Kipoi is the village of bridges.

10 portaria makrinitsa en

10 meteora en

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voidomatis stef74

Flickr CC Voidomathis river by Stef74

zagoroxoria astraka

Steep cliffs, cliffs that cause awe, absolute calm, icy air and a landscape absolutely peaceful and remote magnetize you from the first moment in Zagorochoria.

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