Skyros is mainly connected with the port of Kymi in Evia. There are daily ferry routes on the line Kymi - Skyros with the conventional ferry boat of SNE Lines Achilleas at very good prices. A highspeed vessel does not currently operate a Skyros route. Also the ferry Achilleas also operates the routes Skyros - Skopelos - Alonissos. Kymi is a beautiful town and is located in the eastern part of Evia and is 87 km from Chalkida and 150 km from Athens. Thus, if you choose Skyros for your holidays, access to the island will take place via the ports of these routes. It is also important to mention that Skyros has its harbor in Linaria and not in Chora to the east (see map above). Linaria is a picturesque and traditional village in the western part of the island where you will find cafes, taverns and rooms to let and is 10 km away from Chora. If you arrive at the port of Linaria then do not worry there are municipal buses that run to Molos and Chora (Skyros Town) with a ticket price of approximately 1.80 euros.

Skyros ferry tickets timetables

a) Kymi - Skyros ferry tickets prices
With the conventional Achilleas of SNE Lines ferry tickets cost: single seat 12,10 euro, distinguished position 16,50 euro, distinguished and bed 27,40 euro, car tickets 25,20 euros up to 3,70 meters length (if your car is bigger the prices are different), 6euros ticket motorcycle. The duration of the trip is one hour and 50 minutes. Itineraries are scheduled to depart daily in the afternoon at 17:00 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday), Friday at 19:00, Saturday at 17:00 and Sunday at 17:00.
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b) Skyros - Skopelos ferry tickets prices
With the conventional Achilleas vessel, which operates the Skyros - Skopelos route in the summer months, with the prices for the sea tickets being set for the single seat at 20 euros, a distinguished place at 26,30 euros, a distinguished and a bed at 49,40 euros, car tickets 42euro up to 3.70m and motorcycle tickets 16.10euro.

c) Skyros - Alonissos ferry tickets prices
The conventional ferry Achilleas again of SNE Lines as well as on other routes so here and here the prices on the ferry tickets are formed for the simple place at 20 euros, a distinguished place at 26,30 euros, a distinguished and a bed at 49,40 euros, car ticket 42 euros 3.70 meters and a motorcycle ticket 16.10 euros.

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skyros ferry tickets
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