Volos is a beautiful city built by the sea and a breath away from the enchanting Pelion, anyway Volos and Pelion go together. Volos is the second largest city in Thessaly and offers everything you need with plenty of options for your entertainment, delicious food and attractions to wander. Also, if you are wondering what to do in Volos, then you have choices of accommodation in the hotels of Volos that you will find in the center of the city with hotels of all categories with several of them offering rooms with sea view. Check out all the hotels in Volos and make your reservation at the best prices, easily, quickly and economically. So if you find yourself in Volos and wonder what to see, what to do and what to eat next 10 suggestions to see and do while you are in Volos.


1. You will find very nice taverns that serve tsipouro. In Nea Ionia, in the refugee district of Volos, you will find excellent "tsipouradika"(=taverns that serves tsipouro) with delicious sea appetizers that the inhabitants of Volos fill them every afternoon. Volos and tsipouro are two words that go together. In the tsipouradika of Volos, the only thing you have to do is to order the tsipouro and then the appetizers come. As many of the tsipouro you order, they become richer and the snacks-appetizers. The taste of Nea Ionia's tsipouro is something that will stay for a long time. Of course, apart from Nea Ionia, you will also find tsipouradika at the port of Volos.
2. If you want taverns just outside the city then you will go to Agria. Agria is the village right after Volos heading south with its taverns having tables right next to the sea. Or you can go to Alykes and you will have nice views of Volos and Pelion.
3. A cafeteria that is one of the musts in Volos is Minerva, the most historic cafe at the port of Volos. Volos and Minerva are two concepts that if you mention someone that you walked to the port of Volos immediately they will ask you if you taste the bakery paste or the super mocha! Served since 1963. In Minerva you will drink your coffee overlooking the boats and the people of Volos that enjoys the walk next to the sea. Nearby there is also the Achilleio. Achilleion is a buildind since 1925 that stands out from the rest of the port.


4. Do you want a trip outside of Volos? Volos and Pelion are just a few minutes away. You get up and in just a few minutes you are in Ano Volos and Anakassia and head to the western Pelion and the famous villages of Portaria and Makrinitsa. In a longer distance there are the central Pelion (Milies, Pinakates, Agios Lavrentios and others). Every corner of Pelion has many beauties and everything is so close to Volos.
5. Cafe-bars in Volos? Then you can go to Volonaki. Volonaki (from Volos and Kolonaki) is a Volos area near the church of Agios Nikolaos at Koumoundourou Street and the vertical streets where you will find many cafes full of people to drink their coffee or drink in the evening. If you want something more alternative then you will go to Taki Economaki street where you will find more relaxed and alternative mood.
6. Visit the Palaia district. Palaia is a district at the western part of Volos with neoclassical buildings and a variety of entertainment and dining venues. Palea is a district of Volos, which is ideal for lovers of history, food, entertainment and walking in a historic neighborhood. It is a place where it combines entertainment with culture, marries the old with the new. There is the Museum of Volos, the Tsalapatas Brickworks Museum, the ancient city of Palea and pieces from the old wall. There are also many cafes and taverns.
7. If you want to see the museums of Volos then visit the city museum or the Athanasakios Museum of Volos. Also worth a visit to the Tsalapatas Museum, as we mentioned above you will found it in Palea. It is still worth walking a little further and going to see the OSE train station of Volos. It is a building of 1882, designed by Evaristo de Chirico. On the first floor of the station there is also the railway museum of Volos. But if you want to see the little train of Pelion, then do not forget that the starting point is at Ano Lechonia, which is outside of Volos.

8. Evening walk or sunset spot? Basically, the port is ideal for a walk, every part of the port is different and this makes you walk it all. If you are lucky some days of the year you can also see Argo. Even if you continue from the harbor you will also find the park of Agios Konstantinos. An additional option for many photos is the cord, the cord is the harbor pier that many residents of Volos choose to walk and to sit and dazzle the view of the sea and the city. Next to and at the beginning from the cord is the Papastratou complex, one of the most classic buildings of Volos where the University of Thessaly is housed. If you want a view from above (except for Portaria and Makrinitsa) then you will go on the hill of Goritsa that gives you a fantastic view of Volos and Pagasitikos gulf. You will also find a chapel there and some benches to sit down and enjoy the scenery. To go to Goritsa's hill, head south and turn to the swimming pool and then to the right.
9. If you visit Volos in summer and you want to swim in beautiful beaches in close proximity and without big waves then you should visit the beaches in the Pagaseticos bay either on the side of Pelion or on the other side on the west side of Magnesia. The options are many on both sides.
10. Volos at Christmas is flashy. Many lamps cover the central streets and pedestrian streets of the center and the atmosphere on the streets is festive with a host of activities for both young and old. If you find yourself in Volos on the days of the feast, there is an opportunity to take your walk in the center of the city and see the festive atmosphere with the lights and the adornment of the city at the mall.

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