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The village of Trikeri at southern pelion is among the 24 villages of the centaur’s mountain. It is known as the village of the three seas since the Pagasetic Gulf in the north, the north Euboean gulf on the south and the Aegean Sea on the east surround it. It is a large village, with great history built on a hill with incredible views towards the sea. Although not an island, in reality it has strong island elements and a remarkable naval tradition. The white colored houses, the old mansions and the cobbled streets are ideal for countless walks.

Its history is quite complicated, and do not be surprised if you here about the Palio (Old) and the Neo (New) Trikeri. In the beginning, there was the island of Old Trikeri (that Homer named Kikintho) that is said to be inhabited from the Stone Age. Tradition says that Jason’s Argo was grounded for maintenance here in order to continue their journey to Colchis. People lived here until the great earthquakes of the 6th century AC and later moved to the hills of Theriakonta. However, they didn’t find peace, as in the post medieval years the island suffered greatly from pirate attacks.
That was the reason the island was abandoned and its people went to the land across to build the new Trikeri in a location that provided better security. Going uphill the villagers had three candles (greek: Keri). In the area where the candles went out, the hill of Agia Triada (Holy Trinity) they build the church, a few houses, and the village started to develop in Mt.Tissaio. In the village operated a branch of Filiki Eteria during the 1821 revolution and its people offered a lot towards the struggle for independence.

The people of Trikeri are great fishermen, ship owners and traders. Captain’s mansions are preserved up until today and give prestigious appeal to the village. You should definitely visit the monastery of Panagia Evagelistra (Virgin Mary) built in 1835. Its history is of great interest, the reason behind the construction was an icon of Virgin Mary founded in the roots of an olive tree by the monk Damianos Koslis after a dream he had, in 1825. Today, the icon and a piece from the olive are kept in the monastery’s church. Before the monastery, there stood seven temples during the Byzantine Iconoclasm however, they were destroyed. Today the monastery has 100 cells and pilgrimage while the area will mesmerize you with the
surrounding olive grooves and pine trees.

Of special interest is also the church of Agia Triada (Holy Trinity) a three aisled basilica, with an exceptional wood carved iconostasis. Here you'll find Napoleons throne that captains from Trikeri bought from Barcelona in 1815, and it is said that it was destined for Napoleon Bonaparte to sit in the Catalan capital.While exploring the village, you will come across other attractions. In the naval museum hosted in the impressive Koutmani mansion, you will discover great exhibits that are worth visiting.

During Easter, various fairs are organized offering a unique experience to the visitor. If you visit it during May 1, you will have the chance to witness the traditional Trikeri wedding, with songs, dances and the village’s women dressed with traditional gold-embroidered dresses. Also on the 9th and 10th of September a big festival is held with hundreds of pilgrims attendance to celebrate the event of finding the image of the Virgin Mary.

Only 4km away, is Agia Kiraki, the scenic port of the village with many colorful fishing boats decorating it. It has a wonderful sea and taverns where the visitor can taste the delicacies right from the sea. Every June, for three days the “Fishing Night” is organized where songs and dances are dominant.

Some of the best beaches are located in the Palio Trikeri island like Prasini Ammos (Greek: Green Sand) with its crystal waters and the well-known Alogoporos at the coast across, with its loving pebbles.If you love scuba diving, here you will discover one of the best destinations for sea exploration.

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