Skopelos - the green and blue island of Greece. Hotels, sights and beautiful beaches in Skopelos.

If you decide to visit Skopelos in summer then read our article with 10 things you can do while you stay to the beautiful island of Skopelos. Many visitors from Greece and abroad decide to spend their holidays in Skopelos during the summer days!

So if you are wondering where to stay, where to go, what to do and what to see then read below 10 things that we suggest you can do in Skopelos. Of course you will be helped by the map of Skopelos enjoytthessaly, get him with you!

Accommodation in Skopelos - Skopelos hotels and rooms to let - prices - where to stay in Skopelos
If you are wondering where to stay in Skopelos then you should know that you will find hotels of all categories, from hotels that belong to the category of 4 and 5 star to simple rooms to let. Read our article on 4 star hotels in Skopelos if you want a comfortable and luxurious stay with many amenities. However, lower-class hotels provide very good services at good prices even in the high season. Here you will find hotels in Skopelos Town, hotels in Panormos and hotels in Glossa. At the best prices!

Rent a car in Skopelos - Rental cars in Skopelos - Transportation in Skopelos - Ferry tickets to Skopelos
You will find rental car companies in Skopelos. Rental cars companies offer cars and motorbikes to rent during your holiday at the island of Skopelos. Please note it is not allowed to take the rental car with you in Skiathos if you want to go for example for a one day trip to Skiathos or Alonissos. Book now your rental car in Skopelos here at the best rates. Ferry tickets to Skopelos, book now your ferry tickets to Skopelos here (Ferries and highspeed vessels depart from the ports of Volos, Aghios Konstantinos and Mantoudi)


1) Visit the chapel of Agios Ioannis. It's where some scenes of Mama Mia movie were filmed. The view from the chapel is great! If you have a rental car you will have no trouble driving down the winding road leading to this site which has become famous since Meryl Streep sang "The winner takes it all" to Pierce Brosnan in Mamma Mia 1. There is a small parking area and a pleasant café at the bottom of the hill. It is steep climb to the top, but the view breathtaking. The chapel of Agios Ioannis is a fabulous place and very unique.

2) Visit the Kastani beach. It's where the trees meets the sea! It's a beach with rear beauty. Also visit the Milia beach!

skopelos kastani

3) Archaeological Site of Sentoukia. Sentoukia are the graves of kings and pirates from the Roman period. Located on the mountain of Delphi, the area hosts the stone-carved graves, called "Sendoukia". There are four in total, each roughly 2.5 metres in length. You will have to walk up a path, but the views will compensate you. Great view to Alonissos too! 

4) Stafilos beach! yes a beach you must visit! Also near the beach you will find the grave of Stafilos. Ruins of the palace of king Stafilos were discovered near the beach too. Many items that have been discovered at the area of Stafilos are exhibited at the Archaelogical Museum of Volos.

5) Taste the food at one of the taverns at village Glossa, the second port at the island of Skopelos.

6) Activities in Skopelos? Single and double kayaks you will find in Glossa wih all necessary equipment. Don't you like kayaking? You can try scuba diving or hiking too! You will find signed hiking trails on the island. More info at the port of Skopelos in which you will see a map. Visit the Gourouni Lighthouse. The lighthouse was built in 1889 at the north part of Skopelos and it is one of the oldest lighthouses of Greece. It has 60 meters height. Note that be aware of the snakes at the area.

7) Try the cheese pie from Skopelos. The traditional greek cheese pie of Skopelos is one of the best foods in the island. Apart from the cheese pie ("Skopelitiki tiropita") don't miss the opportunity to try the cream pie too ("Skopelitiki mpougatsa").

skopelos skopelitiki tiropita

8) Try one of the bars at Chora near the port.

9) Free youself. Take your clothes off. Velanio beach is an official nude beach in Skopelos. Velanio is next to the beach of Stafilos. For details read our article with beaches of Skopelos.

10) Boat trips. The Northern Sporades are grouped closely together, so in the space of a day you could easily go ashore at both Skiathos and Alonissos respectively.
The best, and most flexible way to make this sort of trip with a private or semi-private skippered yacht from the harbour at Skopelos Town.
If you’re lucky you may catch sight of a dolphin pod or seal in the clear water. 

skopelos stafilos

Have a great holidays in Skopelos! Don't forget to read our article about hotels in Skopelos and book at the best prices! Read our article with general info about Skopelos.

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