Penaeus is the third largest river of Greece and its Delta has one of the richest ecosystems in the country covering 60,000 acres.
The area around the delta of Penaeus can in many ways attract the interest of visitors exploring rare beauty landscapes that shape the natural environment and the unique riverside forests.
There might be so different one and is classified as a habitat CORINE (1998) and as area 'special protection' under Directive 79/409 / EEC and has been included in the scientific biotope network checklist of 92/43 EEC Directive (NATURA 2000).


It includes more than 600 species of plants and attracts plethora of birds and other animals. Of the 408 bird species that live in Greece 225 visiting wetland Delta. The riparian forests offer plenty of shade and coolness for walks during the day, while the beaches near the mouth of the river are a popular mainly for residents of nearby settlements - summer destination. The waters cast out before the Aegean is calm and is ideal for a walk in the delta by canoe while for those who want something more extreme they can do rafting starting point Vernezi.


The seaside coast is mainly sandy, while the vast area allows visitors to choose the services of a beach bar or a quiet (but not shaded) corner along the vast beach. Moving seaside and to the north will gradually find a growing tourism and construction activity. Particularly noticeable is the activity at the height of Messagala. If you are lovers of beach bars where you will surely find one that fits your taste.

Article: Dimitris Balogiannis | Images: Nikoloulis Ilias

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