When Thessaly was embodied the Greek territory in 1881, the crofters lost almost every right they had on the land they worked, and on the products they produced. They were forced to give to the big landowners sometimes even the half of their corp, while their living standard reduced dramatically and so they became serfs.

At the beginning of the 20th century the first agricultural associations were founded at the big rural centers: Larisa, Karditsa and Trikala. By that time modern forms of struggle were adopted, such as demonstrations. In 1907 the fighter Marinos Antypas was murdered by a man paid from the landowner. From that day on, the movement was strengthened and its actions got more systematic.

On the 6th of March, 1910 in Larisa, a mass meeting took place and all the Thessaly agricultural associations were present. The reason of that gathering was the discussion of the agricultural bill at the parliament. Peasants from all over Thessaly were rolling in town. Almost two hundred farmers, at the station of Kileler, wanted to embark on the train with destination the city of Larisa, without paying a ticket. Since the manager of the station denied their boarding on the train, they were outraged and started to pelt it. The train was forced to start off having broken windows. One kilometer away, about 800 peasants stop the train. After that, the commander of the soldiers, who were on the train, ordered them to shoot some warning shots on the air. That action infuriated the peasants who attacked them with wooden boards. The incident had a bloody ending with some injuries and 2 or 4 deaths. This caused the sympathy of Greek people and brought into further discussion the agricultural issue all over the country.

Since then, every year, on the 6th of March there is a big celebration held in the memory of those people and the importance of that day. For sure, that’s one of the most significant days for peasantry.

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