The crystal clear waters of Alonissos are ideal for exploring that's why many people who visit Alonissos try to dive. The surrounding sea life includes 300 species of fish, dolphins and corals such as the pink coral, these are some reasons that make Alonissos an ideal destination for diving.

Another underwater attraction is the shipwreck of a cargo barge of the 5th century BC, that has been found on the island of Peristera. Its length is estimated to be about 30 meters its width 10 meters and it is carrying 3,000-4,000 wine amphorae and other Athenian ware. This shipwreck is important because it revises the opinion that prevailed till that time that there weren't cargo barges in the Mediterranean with a displacement exceeding of 120 tonnes.
Generally at the wider marine area of the National Marine Park have been detected until now eight ancient and medieval shipwrecks and over 30 contemporary shipwrecks. Other dive destinations are Agios Petros, Spartines, Mavros Kavos, Vasilika, a cave in the northeast side of the island with corals and the wreck of a 6 years wooden ship close to Dio Aderfia. Alonissos operates two dive centers, Alonissos Triton Dive Center and Ikion Dive Center. Both of them organize excursions and diving lessons.


Diving is allowed by diving centers in the following locations:
Coastline north of Steni Vala, from Cape Apithmenos up to north of the beach of Agios Dimitrios,
Glyfa area, north of Steni Vala,
Coastline south of Steni Vala, from Agios Petros up to Spithari,
Cove Spartina,
Cove Chrisi Milia, Spartina
Coves Rusoum Gyalos and Votsi,
Cove Mikros Mourtias,
Cove Kali Voli,
Cove Mavros Cavos in Peristera island,
Cove Clima in Peristrera island,
South side of cove Vasilika in Peristera island,
Coastline east of Nissos in Megalos Aderfos
Marine channel of islands Mikro and Megalo Aderfi

Sights Alonissos : National Marine Park of Alonissos, Museum of Alonissos, Click here and read all Alonissos's sights
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