Dragon Lake Verlingka is located at Mt Lakmos or Peristeri at Aspropotamos area at Trikala Prefecture. The path starts from the isolated village of Chaliki and moves near a ravine. Very beautiful route drowned in the firs and overlooking the surrounding mountains. From time to time it crosses the dirt road that leads to Verliga. With intensely karstized areas, Peristeri is also of speleological interest. After 3 hours of relaxed hiking and 8 km we reach the 2015m in the enchanting Verliga, which means meander in Vlach. In a closed basin, two sources of permanent flow join below the Mega Trapo to create a stream with continuous meanders at 2000m. In winter and spring of course the place is covered with snow. The water is lost in a pipette to come to the surface just below. Route details on wikiloc.


So, below the square, there is a dirt road which we follow, it enters the mountain parallel to the Kopraou stream. At some point of the road we meet a cuckoo, from here the marking of the path with the red signs actually starts. The path ascends through a few beeches now and making "railings" lifts us to a small plateau, like a balcony with incredible views of the surrounding mountains. We are in the place Kritharia. At this point there is a sheepfold. From the sheepfold we follow to marked path and we reach Verliga after about 1 hour. You can also read our article about one of the highest roads in Greece that is near Chaliki, the pass of Baros


Verlinga Dragon Lake

xaliki verliga01

Stone bridge near Chaliki

xaliki verliga02

Verlinga Dragon Lake

xaliki verliga04

xaliki verliga07

xaliki verliga09

xaliki verliga11

xaliki verliga12

xaliki verlinga9


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