Beautiful hiking trails at eastern Pelion near the traditional villages of eastern Pelion such as Tsagarada, Kissos, Mouresi, Zagora, Damouchari and more.


Tsagarada - Damouchari
Agios Ioannis - Damouchari - Fakistra
Mouresi - Agios Ioannis
Agriolefkes - Tsagarada
Mouresi - Damouchari - Agios Ioannis
Chania - Kissos - Agios Ioannis
Chania - Kissos
Chania - Zagora
Chania - Tsagarada
Kissos - Mouresi


1) Tsagarada - Damouchari
Length: 4.000meters
Duration: 1.5hour

2) Agios Ioannis - Damouchari - Fakistra
Length: 4.000meters
Duration: 2hours


3) Mouresi - Agios Ioannis
Length: 2.700meters
Duration: 1hour and 15 minutes

4) Agriolefkes - Tsagarada
Length: 14479 meters
Max altitude: 1461 meters
Min altitude: 519 meters
Τrackpoints: 606 - Hiking route at Google maps

Probably the most beautiful trail of Pelion. The selection and the marking  of the route was recentrly made from Mr. Pericles Pelicanos. The whole route is in a beautiful forest.
Route: Sidiras George

5) Mouresi - Damouchari - Agios Ioannis
Μήκος: 3093 meters
Μax altitude: 426 meters
Min altitude: -3 meters
Τrackpoints: 219 - Hiking route at Google maps
Route by: Papachristou Linos

6) Chania - Kissos - Agios Ioannis

7) Chania - Kissos
Length: 8407 meters
Max altitude: 1230 meters
Min altitude: 527 meters
Τrackpoints: 556 - Hiking route at google maps

8) Chania - Zagora
Length: 9.500meters
Duration: 3hours

9) Chania - Tsagarada
Length: 14.500 meters
Duration: 5hours - Details and info, click here

10) Kissos - Mouresi
Length: 4756 meters
Max altitude: 516 meters
Min altitude: 226 meters
Τrackpoints: 250 - Hiking route at google maps
Route: Papachristou Linos

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