The three mountains of Xirovouni, Tsoukes and Achladias are situated on the border between the prefectures of Trikala and Karditsa. Because they are close together and are joined with ridges at high altitude, as well as ascents can be made on the same day in all these joined a mountainous mass.


Ascension to the peaks of Achladias from Gropa
Length: 10784 m
Yps. Ascension: 1058 m
Yps. Depth: 1071 m
Maximum altitude: 1774 m
Minimum altitude: 1313 m
Trackpoints: 1029 - View the route on google maps

The route starts from the junction (1300m) on the road from Gropa to Anthiro with the road leading to Paliokarias. The road from Gropa to Anthiro until the neck is a dirt road but after the neck is paved where we leave the car 2 km after the neck.
Initially, we follow the forest road to Paliokarias up to the neck between the Tsoukas and Achladias peaks (1440m). From the neck begins a path on the ridge that leads directly to the highest peak of Achladias which we refer to as Western at an altitude of 1783 meters. Then we follow the east-southeast ridge joining the second highest peak of Achladias (Eastern) with an altitude of 1734 meters. The return is from the same ridge to the neck between the peaks and then we traverse the western peak from the south side following the path that passes through several steep southern sides of the mountain and ends up at the original ascent ridge. Following the back to the Tsoukes, we reach the neck to Paleokaria, which passes the road which we follow to the left to the point of departure.
Route Record: Kroupis Nikolaos

Middle Paleokaria - Achladias
Length: 7589m
Yps. Ascension: 1435 m
Yps. Depth: 74 m
Maximum Altitude: 1782 m
Minimum altitude: 418 m
Trackpoints: 777 - view the route on google maps

We enter the narrow streets of the Trikala village named Pili and at the junction to Arta turn left to find a left-side left intersection, where we turn for the villages of the lower, middle and upper Paliokarias. Leaving the arched bridge, your left, passing under the settlement Palaiokarias and tavern you meet on your left gazebo & bus stop and back of house with barn and corral.

From here starts climbing, starting with a step down from a stallion and in front of a home yard, which takes you to an iron bridge. After the bridge you have 2 choices: Following on the right leads you to a dirt road, which in turn takes you up to the cowboy hut at 1470m. The other option, described, is to go left through the stream of Xira, which descends between Karavoula and Achladias, crossing it and taking you to the western foothills of Karavoulas.
You find a stoker, from the side of Karavoulas (South), who wants attention as there are no signs. Through the jagged stump, along with the stream, about half an hour you go out into a clearing with your old farmyard. You climb fifty meters and continue alongside the stream on your right, where you come across a second clearing with dry stone. You continue to reach altitude, at around 880m you meet (in 2,5 km) a ruined stone hut with plenty of space, in 1 and a half hours from the beginning and right across the street. Continue (South), where you encounter a stream, in 10 minutes, here you need attention because the path goes down. You must ascend to your left to find a path that takes you, in 20 minutes on the uphill slope of the dirt road at an altitude of 925 m (1.2 km from the stone hut).
Following the road (South), on the side of Karavoulas, you meet a faucet made of wood in half an hour (1 km from the dirt road). You can continue the dirt road to the farmer's hut.
We went to the right of the tap (South) to avoid the road. Steep uphill screes (West), who wants attention, where after 40 minutes you come across the street to your left, not to follow, but small stream passing climb the slope with ferns at 1360m. in front of you. Following walker animals found slopes ferns (West), stream on your right, wherein following the start at the tap (1.6 km from the previous tap) to 1400 in 35 minutes with cold water from a plastic tube. From here you can clearly see the ridge that leads you to Achladi, straight and a little to your right.

With small ledges climb up to grab the ridge (West), which turns right (North) following to send to the one peak (at 1.4 km from the second tap) and continues through planted rocks about the apex of the pear (at 0.3 km) at an altitude of 1782 meters and at an hour and 10 minutes.
Route Recording: Municipality of Christos


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