Neraida - shelter - Templa - Voutsikaki
Length: 9651 m
Yps. Ascension: 1326 m.
Yps. Depth: 302 m
Max altitude: 2149 m
Minimum altitude: 1125 m
Trackpoints: 761


We start from the village of Neraida (1150 m) above Lake Plastira. We follow the asphalt road that goes to the shelter. After about 2 km we leave the road and enter a wooded path with mild slopes and openings overlooking the lake. After 80 minutes we reach Karamanolis (1540m) where the large "Agrafa mountain shelter" is located and the refuge of the Karditsa mountain climbing group (OXOK). There is also the small ski resort of Agrafa.
We continue towards the D, climbing the steep back in front of us, which, at 1.5 km and after an hour, takes us to the top of Templa (1809 m). From there, we continue on the ridge of the Wharf towards NW. We pass through a characteristic monument of a local skier and we continue on the edge that descends in the end and takes us to a barrier at 1700 m after half an hour. After the collision begins a sharp cut in the direction of D and at the end of the SW that leads us to the Voutsikaki peak after about 2 hours.
Route Recording: Niki Card, Kanellopoulos Panagiotis

Agrafa shelter - Voutsikaki

The ascent starts at the Agraph mountain shelter and goes up to the south ridge of the mountain to reach the top of the Templa (1800m). Then we continue on the smooth back and after a downhill take two good hills to the top. The view is unique. See the route to Wikiloc

voutsikaki agrafa

voutsikaki agrafa

voutsikaki agrafa

voutsikaki xartis

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