Neraida - Lakes - Kriakouras - Neraida
Length: 15509 m.
Yps. Ascension: 1341 m
Yps. Depth: 1415 m
Maximum Altitude: 2192m
Minimum altitude: 924 m
Trackpoints: 1352

From the village of Neraida we follow the forest road uphill leading to Athamania and passing by the old school of the village. After about 1 km of the road we find a church where there is a tap. We continue on the forest road and after 1 km we find a junction at Alonia where we continue straight for Athamania while on the left it goes to Lakki. The road to Lakkas is heading south and traverses the slopes of the southeast ridge. After 1.5 km the road ends in a meadow called Lakkes located very close to the southeast ridge of the mountain (1420m).

From Lakki begins the hiking on the back, mostly from the right side of the back that is smooth. The slope of the back is small, but the upward ridge becomes more sharp and the climb begins. Characteristic of the route is the large rocky cliffs that have large gaps between and hide dangers especially in the winter that gives the feeling that you are moving on a bed of glacier. In many parts of the ridge, it is necessary to look for the easiest passage, but everywhere there is the possibility of an easy solution. After 1800 meters altitude the back is quite steep with many passes of II degree and needs attention. In the final part of the pyramid of the peak there is a point harder (about III degree). After this passage we can easily reach the second highest peak of Kriakoura II and in front of us we see the highest peak where we can easily reach the neck of the two peaks and climb from the smooth ridge to the highest peak of Kriakoura ~ 2150 meters.
The return of the route is done by returning to the neck of the two peaks and by the neck, descending straight to the bay towards Athamania. This descent was in winter conditions and it was not difficult but a 45 degree gradient, probably the summer would be more difficult. Arriving at the neck we find the forest that leads back to Neraida after about 4 km.
The recording of the route took place in winter with a snow cover of 1700 meters and up.
Route Record: Kroupis Nikolaos

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