Dragon Lake Verlingka is located at Mt Lakmos or Peristeri at Aspropotamos area at Trikala Prefecture. The path starts from the isolated village of Chaliki and moves near a ravine. Very beautiful route drowned in the firs and overlooking the surrounding mountains. From time to time it crosses the dirt road that leads to Verliga. With intensely karstized areas, Peristeri is also of speleological interest. After 3 hours of relaxed hiking and 8 km we reach the 2015m in the enchanting Verliga, which means meander in Vlach. In a closed basin, two sources of permanent flow join below the Mega Trapo to create a stream with continuous meanders at 2000m. In winter and spring of course the place is covered with snow. The water is lost in a pipette to come to the surface just below. Route details on wikiloc.

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πεζοπορία και μονοπάτια στην αλόννησο

You will see 14 signed hiking routes in Alonissos.

1. Old Alonissos - Mikros Mourtias
2. Old Alonissos – Mount Kalovoulos
3. Old Alonissos – Vrisitsa
4. Old Alonissos – Patitiri
5. Votsi - Megalo Nero - Agioi Anargiroi - Raches - Votsi
6. Agios Konstantinos - Megalo Horafi - Remata
7. Megalo Horafi - Megali Ammos
8. Megalo Horafi - Vathi Rema - Megali Ammos
9. Vigla - Isomata - Leftos Gialos
10. Steni Vala - Agios Petros - Isomata
11. Kastanorema - Agios Dimitrios
12. Agios Georgios - Agios Konstantinos
13. Agios Konstantinos - Melegakia
14. Megalo Horafi - Agalou Laka

More about Alonissos:

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pelion hiking

Beautiful Hiking Routes at Southern Pelion near the villages of Trikeri, Aghia Kiriaki, Lafkos, Milina etc.

Routes in Trikeri area

1) Agia Kiriaki - Trikeri

2) Milos - Faros

3) Trikeri - Kottes

4) Trikeri - Alogoporos

Routes from Lafkos

1) Lafkos - Milina (Distance 7.1km, duration 2 hours, signed route)

2) Lafkos - Platanias (Distance 13,6km, duration 4 hours, circle signed route)

3) Argalasti - Lafkos (Distance 7.1km, duration 2 hours, signed route)

4) Lafkos - Platanias (East) (Distance 6.4km, duration 2 hours, signed route)

5) Lafkos - Platanias (West) (Distance 7.km, duration 2 hours, signed route)

You can also read detailed routes from Caroline Pluvier and Ruud Schreuder at www.pilionwalks.com

plastiras lake hiking

Hiking path's at Plastira's Lake.

Agrafa’s Mountain Shelter - Karitsa (5.2 km. length)
Agrafa’s Mountain Shelter - Monastery of Panagia Pelekiti (4 km. length)
Agrafa’s Mountain Shelter - Cave Gaki (8km length medium difficulty route)
Agrafa’s Mountain Shelter - Voutsikaki (6km length hard difficulty route)

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Lake Plastiras Dam - Zygoyanneika - Portes - Bolero (K1)
Length: 8057 m
Yps. Ascension: 1309 m.
Yps. Depth: 657 m
Max altitude: 2016 m
Minimum altitude: 904 m
Traxpoints: 778 - View the route on google maps

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νεραιδοχώρι βλαχόστρατα δραστηριότητες αξιοθέατα

The Vlachostrata was the path which connected Thessaly and Epirus. About one kilometer of the trail have rescued till now of unique beauty. We chose to leave our car to the square of Neraidochori and continue walking down the street towards the river. Anyway our route starts at the cement bridge that you will find a few minutes walk after Neraidohori.

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Kokkinopilos - Stalagmatia - Gournes - Mytikas (2.917 meters) - Kalogeros - Livadaki
Length: 41.252 meters
Max altitude: 2912 meters
Min altitude: -237 meters
Τrackpoints: 2977 - Route in google maps

Vrisopoules - Αgios Antonios
Length: 3.643meters.
Max altitude: 2.833 meters
Minimun altitude: 1.843 meters
Τrackpoints: 182 - google maps route

Beautiful slopes for alpine skiing. The route starts from the camp of the commando and ends at the abandoned weather station at Agios Antonios.
Route: Panagiotis Kanellopoulos

Source www.hellaspath.gr

Neraida - shelter - Templa - Voutsikaki
Length: 9651 m
Yps. Ascension: 1326 m.
Yps. Depth: 302 m
Max altitude: 2149 m
Minimum altitude: 1125 m
Trackpoints: 761

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Neraida - Lakes - Kriakouras - Neraida
Length: 15509 m.
Yps. Ascension: 1341 m
Yps. Depth: 1415 m
Maximum Altitude: 2192m
Minimum altitude: 924 m
Trackpoints: 1352

From the village of Neraida we follow the forest road uphill leading to Athamania and passing by the old school of the village. After about 1 km of the road we find a church where there is a tap. We continue on the forest road and after 1 km we find a junction at Alonia where we continue straight for Athamania while on the left it goes to Lakki. The road to Lakkas is heading south and traverses the slopes of the southeast ridge. After 1.5 km the road ends in a meadow called Lakkes located very close to the southeast ridge of the mountain (1420m).

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Πεζοπορία κόζιακας, μονοπάτια ελάτη περτούλι δραστηριότητες

Mt Koziakas is located at the prefecture of Trikala. It's a mountain near famous villages like Pili, Elati, Pertouli, Neraidochori, Chrisomilia etc. If you plan to visit Mt Koziakas you can choose to stay in traditional villages like Elati, Pertouli or Neraidochori that offers great accommodations at stone built hotels and guesthouses, taverns with local food, stone bridges with waterfalls etc. If you want to learn more about the villages of Mt Koziakas click here.

Find out more: Elati, Pertouli

Hiking trail: Pertouli Ski Resort - Koziakas refuge - Chatzipetros Peak 1.901 meters.

Lenght: 5226 meters
Max altitude: 1915 meters
Min altitude: 1169 meters
Τrackpoints: 469 - Route in google maps
It's the most famous route to the highest peak of Mount Koziakas with starting point at the Ski resort of Pertouli.

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